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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Newport Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we decided to go to the beach and have a low key holiday after the crazy 60th dinner party that just about killed us :)
Rylee showing everyone how to use the laptop!!!
We relinquished our turkey making duties to the DeleDonne family, bought our pies from Polly's pies and made the dressing and gravy days ahead of time.  Jeff and Heather always deep fry their turkey on the patio of the beach house so we thought it might be fun and different for us to try it out.  We are pretty big on tradition we make the same things the same way year after year after year, and I love it!  Sooooo when Jeff said he wanted to inject our turkey with Cajun butter seasonings we about died!!
The deep fryer is not that big so we had to do two smaller turkeys.  We decided to one with butter and one with Cajun butter.
Oh the damn rolls!!
  My aunt Pam and cousins Erin and Robyn make the most amazing ice box rolls and we try to recreate them when we are not with them.  We do OK but nothing like theirs.  Ours never rise and we never know why.  Well this year we found out . . . we were always messing up a crucial part . . .THE YEAST!!!!!!  This year they turned out beautifully, they rose and were perfect!!!
Jeff injecting our precious turkey's!
The crazy kids fighting like pigeons over gold fish!
There goes our turkey walking carried off into the sunset, ready to be deep fried!
Deep fried turkey, Newport Beach style a la Jeff DeleDonne!
The guys standing around watching the turkey being lowered into the deep fryer
There he goes!
It was a beautiful week in Newport. The kids loved running around chasing and feeding the birds, jumping off lifeguard stands and even frolicking in the freezing water!
Out comes our turkey.  It looked kinda dry but once you cut into that thing it was so juicy and moist . . . I couldn't believe it!  It only took about 35minutes way better than getting up early to put that thing in the oven for 8  hours!  I think we have changed our ways, deep fried turkey was amazing!  Thanks for showing us the light DeleDonne family!
Rylee and Jace gooble goobleing!
2 Jeffs 2 Turkeys
Playing aournd on the lifeguard stand!
The deep fried turkey, rolls, pumpkin pie and many other yummy goodies were consumed around a beautiful table in Newport Beach.  It's my favorite meal of the whole year and it lived up to its reputation creole seasonings and all! After a wonderful thanksgiving surrounded by amazing family
we headed back to San Diego to unwind and crawl out of our turkey coma.
On the way home Brady couldn't resist just one more roll.  We handed it to him as we put him in the carseat, he preceeded to fall asleep before we hit the boulevard, held it all the way home and when he woke up coming off the offramp he finished it all the way home!  That is for the love of the roll :)
I don't really need a reason to get together with my family (I'll see you Thursday) but the Holiday's are a great reason to see everyone. So many parties to go to in the upcoming weeks I'm so excited AND . . . the next blog enty will be by a guest blogger . . . . . Whoo HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Live from the wild world,

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