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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guest Blogger

 X-mas time is here.....  I for one am a true fan of X-mas. 
 Yes it is I, Chris Hlinka, making a guest blog attempt.
For the last 4 years I have had the privilege of putting together a town of Whitney's Snow Village, Dept. 56 collection.  It has been nothing short of a masterpiece each year!  For the last 2 years I signed a lease with Bryn to house her collection of Snow Village, Department 56 collection which has made the town we create each year that much bigger and more exciting.  This creation we make each year could not have been done without the long term dedication from Jackie Tavaglione who has provided these gifts to Bryn and Whitney each year for x-mas as they grew up.  Thank you Jackie :)
This year we went a different route, we decided not to put up the village this year.  It was a sad day when Whitney and I agreed to this.  It was an easy decision to make only because Mr. B-man is notorious for destroying everything he touches with his "sticky" fingers and we all agreed that there was a 100% guarantee Brady would brake something.  Although we say "NO" to Brady, at this stage in his life he hasn't quite grasped the true meaning of "NO," leaving it a game for Brady and reassurance on our end that not putting up the village this year is the right thing to do.......  Honestly we are contemplating not putting up a X-mas tree this year knowing Mr. sticky fingers will surely grab ahold of the tree eventually.  BUT..... since Rylee is very much into Santa this year and all X-mas has to offer, we will be getting a x-mas tree (we may just not put up any breakable ornaments).
Since Rylee is very excited this year for Santa Claus, gifts etc. I feel that I have to do something for her.  This year i decided to decorate every edge of the house, every tree, shrub, palm with endless lights!!!  I also bought props that fit just right in our front yard.  Everything from candy canes to a moving Santa Claus mail box.  Although it was a lot of hard work (and a small investment), it all paid off when Rylee walked out the front of the house, looked at the lights and you see the priceless expression on her face, smiling from ear to ear.  It's all worth it in the end.
I'm writing this in November so yes you are correct, I did and usually do start early.  This is Chris Hlinka, guest blogger signing off.  HOHOHOHOHOHO

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