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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ode to the B Man

Can I do a little post on the B Man real quick . .  a little update of sorts.
Happy half birthday Brady, you are officially a year and a half, eighteen months, a very mellow toddler!  I looked in his mouth the other day and what did I see . . . 4 molars, yep 4 big 'ol molars coming in and the final bottom front tooth as well.  5 teeth all at one time, crazy, I can't imagine what that feels like all I know is he lives for Anbasol and Tylenol.  He loves being chased by Rylee, eating pizza, spaghetti, apple juice and peanut butter and jelly and his most favorite Gold Fish!!!! I love that he walks into the kitchen and hangs on the fridge doors waiting for someone to hear his cries.  He is just the right height to reach the water on the front of my parents fridge and loves to push it and then gets mad when hes drenched in water!! His favorite word is Ball. He doesn't have many words at all but we are working on that.  Rylee has a wonderful speech pathologist and has recommended one for Brady and we are starting that next Thursday.  Brady loves reading books, he will grab the nearest book, bring it to me and start backing up and sitting on my lap waiting for me to read it to him.  Such a mellow kid, he plays very well by himself, but loves when Rylee gives him ANY attention.  He is starting to get real mad when he wants something I won't give him and starting to fight back when Rylee tries to take something from him.  HE TOUCHES EVERYTHING!!! AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!
I just love the blue eyed Brady man, every moment is so cute i would take a million pics if I could :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Life imitating Art . . .

 . . . the movie Christmas Vacation that is!  That is one of my favorite Christmas movies, White Christmas being my most favorite of all time, but for some reason I never got around to seeing Christmas Vacation this year.  Probably unbenounced to me, my family and I we're about to relive that crazy Christmas movie!!
This year we had to go up to Chris' parents house in Santa Barbra a little early so the whole family could be together.  Rylee was so happy to see and play with her cousin.  Chris's mom wanted to have a family picture taken so after dinner we got into our picture taking clothes and headed down to the studio.  Brady was not having any part of picture taking at 7 O'clock at night, he cried the whole time and I would be surprised if there is a decent one of him looking at the camera, but you never know, it only takes one right???  On Friday we opened presents, had a little family time and then Chris wanted to head back to Riverside before all the holiday/rush hour traffic.   This is where the story gets exciting . . . . .
The car was packed wall to wall and floor to ceiling with presents and all our luggage. I knew the kids would sleep on the short trip from SB to Riverside so i didn't pack any snacks. We left around noon, got on the road, the kids promptly fell asleep and around the 405 101 merge in holiday traffic our Escalade lost all electrical power!!! No hazard lights no steering no nada! Chris had to cross 4 lanes across the merge to get to the last bit of shoulder in LA. We called AAA and Chris tells them we are "dead in the water" and Rylee starts looking over the side like our car is stuck in a lake "i don't see any water daddy" They were to tow the car to Riverside and told us they would get there in 30 min and then we called enterprise rental car because they'll pick you up right?!? Well yes, unless you're on the freeway. While taking to the rental car agent she first wanted us to pull our car off the freeway, not going to happen, then she wanted us all to get in the tow truck ( with 2 car seats) and then pick us up nope that wasn't going to happen either. Finally she said someone would come get us in 20 min. At that point I thought Holy Shit this is all going to work out!!
2 hours later…
The tow truck and rental car show up at exactly the same time.
In the meantime…we have let both kids out of their car seats and they are roaming the only part of the car not inundated with presents…the driver and passenger seats. Brady proceeded to push every button he can get his hands on. Chris freaks out and tells me not to let Brady touch everything in case the electrical comes back on. I reassure him Brady is harmless. No longer than the words came out of my mouth Brady hits the hatch open button and all the presents start falling out of the back of the car avalanche style onto the 101 freeway!!! Chris runs out trying to scoop up all the presents cursing my name in the process!! Oops! After we clean up that mess a suspicious pick up truck with equally suspicious characters inside pull up within 50 yards behind our car. Great we would be the ones to get robbed on the side of the freeway. Chris hands me Brady as the passenger gets out of the car (Chris thinks he's going to have to spring into action on the side of the freeway) the guys starts to push their car toward ours. Rylee starts yelling "they're going to ram us they're going to ram us". Turns out they were trying to jump start their truck not looking to rob innocent people stuck on the side of the freeway with a car load of Christmas presents and two kids. At that point Chris has to go to the bathroom, Brady and Rylee have eaten every cookie I had left in the car from the last cookie party I went to and I just want to be home. Such troopers, if the kids hadn't been so wonderful we might not have faired so well.
When the rental and tow truck came I took out the car seats and walked them down the side of the freeway while Chris was dealing with the tow truck driver.  I come back and Chris had locked Brady in the car and he was surfing on the center console pushing all the buttons.  We had the rental guy, tow truck driver, Chris and I all walking Christmas presents down the side of the freeway to put in the rental so they would make it to Christmas!!!  We finally made it in the rental, right in time for rush hour LA traffic, 2 and a half hours later we pulled up to my parents house in Riverside. 
After all the chaos subsided we were ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas festivities! Pizza making!  Chris was channeling his inner Italian!
Rylees pizza looked great.  Cheese and sausage, just the way she likes it.  She and Brady ate pizza all week my mom was so happy, being that Bryn and I don't like pizza!!
Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to bring them to bring their presents.  Such good little kids they really are.  Santa brought them everything they asked for.  Thanks to Blueberry the Elf (our Elf on the Shelf)
Chris and Aunt B in their matching aprons!!

Brady loving his new tricycle, if only his piggies reached the pedals!!

After morning Christmas, we headed over to my Aunt Pam and Uncle Jay's house!  Rylee and Brady loved it because they have a bunch on animals including a horse.  Rylee was so excited when they asked if she wanted to ride the horse, but the horse was kind of spooked so we decided another time would be best.  Little did we know another one of the rot wheilers was "spooked" too and ran up on Rylee and tried to take her down.  Quick action by my uncle and he ripped the dog off of her with only a scratch to show for it! Scary but thankful it wasn't worse.   Later, when Brady was done opening his presents, he thought if would be fun to take a short nap inside the little doggie cage!!  For the record he climbed in the cage on his OWN!!
The traditional Tavaglione family shot!  My aunt takes this picture every year and I am going to round them all up and see what I can do with them.  Love it!!!
After all of our Christmas shenanigans, it really did seem like we were living out Christmas vacation, Chris got 2nd place on fabulous light display, stuck on the freeway, and attacked by a dog, next year I hope we are paralleling Hawaiian Vacation . . . hahah!!!
Christmas has come and gone another year, we got way to much and are very lucky for all that we have.  Next year we will have a 2 year old and and 4 year old, crazy thought and it makes me a little sad but I'm loving every minute. 
Merry Christmas from the Griswold Family Hlinka Family

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card Pics!

I love the holiday's especially because that means Christmas Card time!!!
 This year we did many a photo shoot. I kind of decided that I didn't want to be on the card this year . . . shocking I know :) But I really wanted to get a great shot of just the two blue eyed kids. The first shoot we did we dubbed the White shoot. It was super fun we did it at our house on our bed all dressed in white. The kids thought it would be great fun because I told them they could jump on the bed!!
Rylee was quite the ham!

Brady is not ready for posed pictures, he does not want to be told where to sit and how long to sit there and he sure as hell doesn't do CHEEEEEEEESSSSSEEEEEE yet!!!
After the White shoot we tried the at home baking Au natural look!  I baked all day and then cleaned the kitchen, guess it's not so Au natural!!!  But it was fun
The frosting at the bottom of the bowl was the best idea yet!

Finally our last shoot was the one for the Christmas card.  Outside so Brady didn't have to be tied down to hard.  There is this random little field down by our house and it worked out perfectly.  Brady was fairly cooperative and we got the shots we needed :)

Marla at Sprout Photography (www.sproutphotographyonline.com)  is wonderful and my kids just love her!  Rylee always wants to know if Marla is coming over to take more pictures but this time she wants them on her bed.  Love Love Love taking pictures  . . . how about every other year I Chris and I are featured on the Christmas card?!? Ok DEAL!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Chris and I share a love of football. Even though I cheer for the Picture Perfect Packers and Chris the Raider Nation, we still love football and each others teams non the less!! Ever since Chris and I met we have gone to Charger games and have started trying to see a new stadium each year.  We have been to San Diego, Green Bay, Chicago, Chris to Denver and me to New Orleans and now to Tennessee!  My wonderfully crazy parents offered to babysit so we decided that we would go see the Packer Raider game.  Chris didn't want to go back to Green Bay and that's how we decided to go to Nashville and see the Tennessee Titans and Chris' good friend Nick!
Nicki was the most gracious host ever and quite the tour guide. He picked us up at the airport and before we had time to change we were out amongst the people. . . Honky Tonkin'!!  He took us to all the famous bars in town and a great dinner.  It was amazing to Chris and I that every bar we entered there was a live band and the singer was AMAZING!!!  I think that everyone in Nashville can really sing!!

After being out all night Chris and Nicki tried to get in to Nicki's homemade pickles.  As the story goes (I was asleep while all this was happening) Nicki had been waiting months to try his first ever homemade pickles.  So of course Chris made him open them, or try to open them, apparently neither of them could open the jar. Each testing their manly strength to no avail!  Finally Chris remembered how I open a can by beating the edge with a knife until it finally opens.  In the morning Chris was telling Nicki how good his pickles were and Nicki could not recall the previous nights events and was appalled that Chris made him open his prized pickles and then couldn't even remember what they tasted like!!!!!  Priceless . . . wish I would have videoed that one :)

We were headed out in the morning to Loveless Cafe best breakfast place in Nashville.  So good in fact that the wait was 2 hours!  Nicki decided to order it to go and eat on the patio (it was barley 40 degrees out there)  But let me tell you it was the most delicious breakfast I have EVER eaten.  Biscuits and gravy, waffles, hash brown casserole and  . . . MOON SHINE!!!!  I could eat there every day of my life:)
The next day Nicki took us to his families "farm" My vision of a farm is lots of animals and green pastures. Nicki's vision is hundreds of acres, guns, four wheelers, and deer hunting!!  We had a blast.  We took the four wheelers all over the property seeing amazing sights. We never saw a deer or anything to kill, but there was lots of cows! (notice the gun on the front of my four wheeler?!?)

Chris and Nick have known each other since high school have stayed friends ever since . . .Love you Nick :)
It was gun shooting time and we forgot out ear protection so the boys decided that sticking bullets in their ears would do the job!
The farm house was fantastic, equipped with  rocking chairs on the porch.
Not only were we shooting guns but rifles!  Big ones!!!

Chris looking like a sniper!
I have never held a gun or shot one for that matter.  He had all sorts of rifles and hand guns for us to shoot.  I think Chris was the most excited for me to shoot a gun.  I shot the rifles but refused to shoot the hand gun, too many cop dramas I think!!  Video for your enjoyment . . . please laugh at my expense!!

After a super fun day on the farm, Nick surprised us by going to a Predators Hockey game!!  Chris and I have never been to a hockey game before and it was everything we expected it to be right down to the fights!!  After the game more bars and then Chris was dying to try White Castle . . . So we did in a taxi!!!
Sunday football day!  I have been tailgating before but these Nashvillians really know how to do it!!  They build full on forts in the parking lot, we had multiple portable heaters, homemade chili, 2 bottles of moon shine, and a smorgasbord of food!!

Nashville was a wonderful trip, mostly in part to our wonderful, host, tour guide, friend Nick!!!  We got to see way more than we ever thought we would.  There was a lot of first in Nashville to . . . Shooting a gun, drinking moon shine, eating a pickle, and eating white castle!!
Next year I hope to see another football game in another wonderful city, we recruited Nick to go with us.  Where to go, where to go, any suggestions?!?!?
Thanks so much to the parents and Aunt B for watching the kiddos we greatly appreciate it.  We wouldn't get to do all the fun things we do with out you :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brooks and Brady

Last year Sweeney and I thought it would be fun to dress up the boys in reindeer antlers and stuff them inside giant stockings and take their picture (great black mail pictures right??)  Well this year we thought we would try something a little better for the boys.  I saw a cute idea on pinterest I thought we could try, we are by no means professionals or are we trying to be but we thought we could do it!! We got out set up and plopped the boys down, neither one of them wanted any part of it.  Brady wanted to throw all the ornament balls down the stairs, Brooks was a little more cooperative.  I didn't crop these before I put them up . . . whoops! Not a professional
The only fairly good shot we got!

Brady was only happy when I handed him the lovie!!
And then he was done!!!

Probably one of my favorite pictures . . . quintessential Brady, Lovie, Thumb and Done!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Thankful List

I noticed this year on Facebook that my "friends" were listing each day the things they were thankful for.  I decided to adopt this idea and and add it to the blog for 30 day of thankfulness!!  Here goes in no particular order . . . .

1.       My wonderful husband – Who puts up with me everyday and is my right hand man!

2.       Friends –  I’ve come to understand that friends come and go in our lives.  Friendships require patients and energy, just like any other type of relationship it takes work and if you are not willing to put in the work, well, that’s when friends slip away. If it’s effortless and your friends are contributing to your life in the same way you are contributing to theirs, then they are the true friends in your life.  I love all the real friends in my life!!

3.       My mother! I could not, would not, want to go through this life without her.  She is my left hand woman!

4.       The gym/ my time. 

5.       My beautiful, healthy, crazy, tenacious, extremely loud, mini p and lovie loving blue eyed, blonde haired kiddos.  They really do make you smile and drive you crazy at the exactly the same time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

6.       Road trips that turn into barf sessions

7.       My health, a recent trip with Brady to Children's ER makes you think about the little things you don't normally think about!!

8.       Lunch Bunch at preschool.  Gives me and the Brady man some much needed one on one.  He is so expressive when Rylee’s not around to boss him around and tell him which way to go!

9.       Babysitters!

10.   Marriage!!  Long running relationships in my family . . . 67 years (Joe and Jackie) 60 years (Don and Marilyn) 32 years (Jeff and Allison).  .  . Lifetimes filled with love. What an inspiration fro  Chris and I (4.5 years) !

11.   DVR without it my kids, I would go crazy.

12.   Stay at home mom being my number 1 most favorite job!

13.   My father!  He is a wonderful father that gave me a fantastic childhood. He has become the most amazing grandfather/JJ to Rylee and Brady. I love that he calls every morning to check up on us and to see what Rylee is having for breakfast, and when he misses a day Rylee knows and tells me that JJ is in big trouble for not calling before she goes to preschool J

14.   GPS and the iPhone.  Without them I would be lost . . . literally!!!

15.   BRYN MARIE TAVAGLIONE she loves my kids probably more than I do. Best sister a girl could ask for.

16.   Deep fried turkey!!!!

17.   Vanity . . . Wink Wink :)

18.   My cozy house that we have made a home.  Love coming home to it when we have been away

19.   Rylee is thankful for. . . . “Mama, Dada and her pillow pet!!”

20.   Newport Beach getaways!

21.   Grandparents!  I am lucky to have all four wonderful grandparents in my life.  I try really hard to keep them in the loop with all that happens in my crazy life and I love that they have influenced a lot of the decisions I have made along the way.

22.   Days when Chris gets to come home early!  It saves my life         

23.   That Brady is such a little love bug.  He will sit on my lap and cuddle with me and his lovey and watch an entire Tinker Bell movie without moving!!

24.   Saturday mornings with the fam eating pancakes and then heading to the farmers market to ride the train!

25.   Mom’s Night Out! At this point I now have MNO 4 times a month . . . . YES!!

26.   Preschool.  Rylee is learning so many good things and a couple bad but the good is outweighing the bad (at this point)

27.   Chris loves Christmas more than me Rylee and Brady put together.  I love that the lights on our house are so crazy that people stop by out front and take pictures and Chris gets so happy it’s like validation that he has done a good job!!!

28.   So thankful that Chris has a job that allows us to do all the fun things we like to do!

29.   Spontaneous trips to Riverside to spend time with Yaya and JJ!!

30.   FAMILY!  My whole family . . . near, far, cousins, aunts and uncles!! I know I’ve already put that one on the thankful list but it deserves a second mention.  I am so extremely thankful for my wonderfully crazy, supportive, loving, happy, stubborn, beautifully fantastic FAMILY! 

Hope you had a very thankful thanksgiving I know we did!!