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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card Pics!

I love the holiday's especially because that means Christmas Card time!!!
 This year we did many a photo shoot. I kind of decided that I didn't want to be on the card this year . . . shocking I know :) But I really wanted to get a great shot of just the two blue eyed kids. The first shoot we did we dubbed the White shoot. It was super fun we did it at our house on our bed all dressed in white. The kids thought it would be great fun because I told them they could jump on the bed!!
Rylee was quite the ham!

Brady is not ready for posed pictures, he does not want to be told where to sit and how long to sit there and he sure as hell doesn't do CHEEEEEEEESSSSSEEEEEE yet!!!
After the White shoot we tried the at home baking Au natural look!  I baked all day and then cleaned the kitchen, guess it's not so Au natural!!!  But it was fun
The frosting at the bottom of the bowl was the best idea yet!

Finally our last shoot was the one for the Christmas card.  Outside so Brady didn't have to be tied down to hard.  There is this random little field down by our house and it worked out perfectly.  Brady was fairly cooperative and we got the shots we needed :)

Marla at Sprout Photography (www.sproutphotographyonline.com)  is wonderful and my kids just love her!  Rylee always wants to know if Marla is coming over to take more pictures but this time she wants them on her bed.  Love Love Love taking pictures  . . . how about every other year I Chris and I are featured on the Christmas card?!? Ok DEAL!!

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