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Monday, December 12, 2011


Chris and I share a love of football. Even though I cheer for the Picture Perfect Packers and Chris the Raider Nation, we still love football and each others teams non the less!! Ever since Chris and I met we have gone to Charger games and have started trying to see a new stadium each year.  We have been to San Diego, Green Bay, Chicago, Chris to Denver and me to New Orleans and now to Tennessee!  My wonderfully crazy parents offered to babysit so we decided that we would go see the Packer Raider game.  Chris didn't want to go back to Green Bay and that's how we decided to go to Nashville and see the Tennessee Titans and Chris' good friend Nick!
Nicki was the most gracious host ever and quite the tour guide. He picked us up at the airport and before we had time to change we were out amongst the people. . . Honky Tonkin'!!  He took us to all the famous bars in town and a great dinner.  It was amazing to Chris and I that every bar we entered there was a live band and the singer was AMAZING!!!  I think that everyone in Nashville can really sing!!

After being out all night Chris and Nicki tried to get in to Nicki's homemade pickles.  As the story goes (I was asleep while all this was happening) Nicki had been waiting months to try his first ever homemade pickles.  So of course Chris made him open them, or try to open them, apparently neither of them could open the jar. Each testing their manly strength to no avail!  Finally Chris remembered how I open a can by beating the edge with a knife until it finally opens.  In the morning Chris was telling Nicki how good his pickles were and Nicki could not recall the previous nights events and was appalled that Chris made him open his prized pickles and then couldn't even remember what they tasted like!!!!!  Priceless . . . wish I would have videoed that one :)

We were headed out in the morning to Loveless Cafe best breakfast place in Nashville.  So good in fact that the wait was 2 hours!  Nicki decided to order it to go and eat on the patio (it was barley 40 degrees out there)  But let me tell you it was the most delicious breakfast I have EVER eaten.  Biscuits and gravy, waffles, hash brown casserole and  . . . MOON SHINE!!!!  I could eat there every day of my life:)
The next day Nicki took us to his families "farm" My vision of a farm is lots of animals and green pastures. Nicki's vision is hundreds of acres, guns, four wheelers, and deer hunting!!  We had a blast.  We took the four wheelers all over the property seeing amazing sights. We never saw a deer or anything to kill, but there was lots of cows! (notice the gun on the front of my four wheeler?!?)

Chris and Nick have known each other since high school have stayed friends ever since . . .Love you Nick :)
It was gun shooting time and we forgot out ear protection so the boys decided that sticking bullets in their ears would do the job!
The farm house was fantastic, equipped with  rocking chairs on the porch.
Not only were we shooting guns but rifles!  Big ones!!!

Chris looking like a sniper!
I have never held a gun or shot one for that matter.  He had all sorts of rifles and hand guns for us to shoot.  I think Chris was the most excited for me to shoot a gun.  I shot the rifles but refused to shoot the hand gun, too many cop dramas I think!!  Video for your enjoyment . . . please laugh at my expense!!

After a super fun day on the farm, Nick surprised us by going to a Predators Hockey game!!  Chris and I have never been to a hockey game before and it was everything we expected it to be right down to the fights!!  After the game more bars and then Chris was dying to try White Castle . . . So we did in a taxi!!!
Sunday football day!  I have been tailgating before but these Nashvillians really know how to do it!!  They build full on forts in the parking lot, we had multiple portable heaters, homemade chili, 2 bottles of moon shine, and a smorgasbord of food!!

Nashville was a wonderful trip, mostly in part to our wonderful, host, tour guide, friend Nick!!!  We got to see way more than we ever thought we would.  There was a lot of first in Nashville to . . . Shooting a gun, drinking moon shine, eating a pickle, and eating white castle!!
Next year I hope to see another football game in another wonderful city, we recruited Nick to go with us.  Where to go, where to go, any suggestions?!?!?
Thanks so much to the parents and Aunt B for watching the kiddos we greatly appreciate it.  We wouldn't get to do all the fun things we do with out you :)

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