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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ode to the B Man

Can I do a little post on the B Man real quick . .  a little update of sorts.
Happy half birthday Brady, you are officially a year and a half, eighteen months, a very mellow toddler!  I looked in his mouth the other day and what did I see . . . 4 molars, yep 4 big 'ol molars coming in and the final bottom front tooth as well.  5 teeth all at one time, crazy, I can't imagine what that feels like all I know is he lives for Anbasol and Tylenol.  He loves being chased by Rylee, eating pizza, spaghetti, apple juice and peanut butter and jelly and his most favorite Gold Fish!!!! I love that he walks into the kitchen and hangs on the fridge doors waiting for someone to hear his cries.  He is just the right height to reach the water on the front of my parents fridge and loves to push it and then gets mad when hes drenched in water!! His favorite word is Ball. He doesn't have many words at all but we are working on that.  Rylee has a wonderful speech pathologist and has recommended one for Brady and we are starting that next Thursday.  Brady loves reading books, he will grab the nearest book, bring it to me and start backing up and sitting on my lap waiting for me to read it to him.  Such a mellow kid, he plays very well by himself, but loves when Rylee gives him ANY attention.  He is starting to get real mad when he wants something I won't give him and starting to fight back when Rylee tries to take something from him.  HE TOUCHES EVERYTHING!!! AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!
I just love the blue eyed Brady man, every moment is so cute i would take a million pics if I could :)

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