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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Thankful List

I noticed this year on Facebook that my "friends" were listing each day the things they were thankful for.  I decided to adopt this idea and and add it to the blog for 30 day of thankfulness!!  Here goes in no particular order . . . .

1.       My wonderful husband – Who puts up with me everyday and is my right hand man!

2.       Friends –  I’ve come to understand that friends come and go in our lives.  Friendships require patients and energy, just like any other type of relationship it takes work and if you are not willing to put in the work, well, that’s when friends slip away. If it’s effortless and your friends are contributing to your life in the same way you are contributing to theirs, then they are the true friends in your life.  I love all the real friends in my life!!

3.       My mother! I could not, would not, want to go through this life without her.  She is my left hand woman!

4.       The gym/ my time. 

5.       My beautiful, healthy, crazy, tenacious, extremely loud, mini p and lovie loving blue eyed, blonde haired kiddos.  They really do make you smile and drive you crazy at the exactly the same time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

6.       Road trips that turn into barf sessions

7.       My health, a recent trip with Brady to Children's ER makes you think about the little things you don't normally think about!!

8.       Lunch Bunch at preschool.  Gives me and the Brady man some much needed one on one.  He is so expressive when Rylee’s not around to boss him around and tell him which way to go!

9.       Babysitters!

10.   Marriage!!  Long running relationships in my family . . . 67 years (Joe and Jackie) 60 years (Don and Marilyn) 32 years (Jeff and Allison).  .  . Lifetimes filled with love. What an inspiration fro  Chris and I (4.5 years) !

11.   DVR without it my kids, I would go crazy.

12.   Stay at home mom being my number 1 most favorite job!

13.   My father!  He is a wonderful father that gave me a fantastic childhood. He has become the most amazing grandfather/JJ to Rylee and Brady. I love that he calls every morning to check up on us and to see what Rylee is having for breakfast, and when he misses a day Rylee knows and tells me that JJ is in big trouble for not calling before she goes to preschool J

14.   GPS and the iPhone.  Without them I would be lost . . . literally!!!

15.   BRYN MARIE TAVAGLIONE she loves my kids probably more than I do. Best sister a girl could ask for.

16.   Deep fried turkey!!!!

17.   Vanity . . . Wink Wink :)

18.   My cozy house that we have made a home.  Love coming home to it when we have been away

19.   Rylee is thankful for. . . . “Mama, Dada and her pillow pet!!”

20.   Newport Beach getaways!

21.   Grandparents!  I am lucky to have all four wonderful grandparents in my life.  I try really hard to keep them in the loop with all that happens in my crazy life and I love that they have influenced a lot of the decisions I have made along the way.

22.   Days when Chris gets to come home early!  It saves my life         

23.   That Brady is such a little love bug.  He will sit on my lap and cuddle with me and his lovey and watch an entire Tinker Bell movie without moving!!

24.   Saturday mornings with the fam eating pancakes and then heading to the farmers market to ride the train!

25.   Mom’s Night Out! At this point I now have MNO 4 times a month . . . . YES!!

26.   Preschool.  Rylee is learning so many good things and a couple bad but the good is outweighing the bad (at this point)

27.   Chris loves Christmas more than me Rylee and Brady put together.  I love that the lights on our house are so crazy that people stop by out front and take pictures and Chris gets so happy it’s like validation that he has done a good job!!!

28.   So thankful that Chris has a job that allows us to do all the fun things we like to do!

29.   Spontaneous trips to Riverside to spend time with Yaya and JJ!!

30.   FAMILY!  My whole family . . . near, far, cousins, aunts and uncles!! I know I’ve already put that one on the thankful list but it deserves a second mention.  I am so extremely thankful for my wonderfully crazy, supportive, loving, happy, stubborn, beautifully fantastic FAMILY! 

Hope you had a very thankful thanksgiving I know we did!! 

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