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Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter in So Cal

 The weather in January has been down right beautiful . . . warm, sunny, blue skies, 80 degree temperatures smack dab in the middle of WINTER!!!  Feels more like summer but we'll take it!!  We headed up to Newport this weekend to soak in some sun and celebrate Gramps' 80th birthday or as he calls it "Phase 5"
The kids love the beach and so do Chris and I but I think this is going to be one of the best summers ever.  Last weekend was a glimpse of what next summer will look like. Rylee just wanted to play soccer all day on the beach and Brady was checking everything out and running from the water!!
There was a million people at the beach, seems like everyone wanted in on the beach like weather!
Quick update on the B-Man . . . he finally had his 18 month check up and he weighed in at 27lbs 60%, 32inches tall 30% and only one word to show for it!!!  BALL!!  We are working with Rylee's speech therapist and a couple others to enhance his verbal skills.  He loves loves loves books and kicking the ball all over the house and still gets in to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!  He has mastered the play structure at the playground and can go up and down the slide a million times.  If Rylee gives him any attention he is in hog heaven, he loves it when she chases him up and down the hall.  His little personality is so mellow and so relaxed but the temper tantrums are in full swing if he can't get his point across or can't have something he wants. 

Rylee is the only one who has escaped the "PLAGUE"  Chris and I were practically on our death beds last weekend and had to ask my parents to come get the kiddos when neither one of us could lift our heads from the pillow and the kids were eating left over ritz crackers and Gatorade from our room we knew we couldn't do it!  My mom and dad rushed down swooped up the kids and we layed in bed and made many a many a many trip to the bathroom in 24 hours.  At first I thought we had food posining because we got sick at the same time but come to find out nope it was the plague!  We had wonderful friends and neighbors that came to our rescue bringing Gatorade, crackers and meds to help us back on the right track.  Lastly Brady got it :( nothing worse than a sick child, but he made it through and Rylee got to have a fun day with Yaya!!

I'm not sure if winter will ever come this year but if the weather stays like this I'm OK with it!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Love these guys!!

Finally a little love for Chris!!
So Chris and I rarely ever actually never do we say NO to the others plans for getting out of the house for any reason. This being said, I go to 3 Mom's Night Out a month, take off to Newport Beach for weeks at a time and Riverside for long weekends.  In order for me to have all this fun, it means Chris has to come home early or live like a bachelor while the kids and I are away.  He really is the best husband I know.  We don't do things tit for tat (thank goodness) and we try to travel together for the most part.  But, he never has Dads Night Out so when there is an opportunity for some quality boys time there is absolutely no hesitation on my part . . . Go!!
Chris has an extraordinary group of friends from Goleta, probably about 12 or so that have stayed friends over the years.  This is the greatest, most eclectic group of friends that I have ever seen.  They all went to  junior high together (till Chris got kicked out, but that's a whole other story), high school together and then went to various colleges. They went to San Diego State, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Fullerton, Davis, and many colleges in between.  They all live in different parts of country and when they get together its like they are back in high school, beer included!!!
I met most of them during our trips to Fiesta and their 10 reunion and could instantly see the bond between these grown men!!  I really do love all of Chris's crazy friends.  It's amazing to me that they really do keep in touch with each others lives.  They call, text and email, pretty regularly.  They are all so unique and crazy in their own way that they each bring something special to the group.  Some married with kids, some married and some single.  Three of these guys were in our wedding.  Dave was our best man and is the only one we see often, probably because he lives in San Diego and because he works at one of my most favorite stores in the mall :)  Ryan used to live with us right when we moved in and I was 6 months pregnant and newly married . . . Ryan and I have a love hate relationship  . . .   I love you Ryan :)  We usually see Leo, Izzy and Nicky when we are up in Santa Barbara for a holiday, wedding or Fiesta, but we recently flew out to see Nicky in Tennessee.  I am so happy they have all stayed friends so long they really are great guys!
They all went to Scottsdale to visit Ryan, he recently got a new job and was relocated out to Arizona.   Chris texted me when they all got settled in and it said . . . "Nicky just got here, we're all talking about the good old days and Nicky made a slide show with all of us over the years, we're going to watch it later!"  Oh good lord!  Whenever I am with this bunch it is always the same stories, reliving their glory days!  Before I knew it the next text came with this picture . . . "just jumped in a limo after dinner!"
Apparently the limo was to cool they had to move on to a pedi-cab  . . . .  Video for your enjoyment!!
Is it just me or does my husband and his friends sound like a bunch of giggling teenage girls?!??
Then I about died when this picture came in . . . .That can't be good right?!?
That's a lot of alcohol . . . bottle service at some place! 

They were at a bar all day drinking and watching the games and talking about each others old girlfriends!  Bottoms up!
As their  time in Scottsdale was coming to an end there had to be one final challenge  . .  who is the strongest man among them?? So adult like!!  And as usual Ryan is the biggest talker of them all and can always do it bigger and better.  They all took turns playing this game where you hit the speed bag one time as hard as you can to see who got the highest score.  Of course Ryan making a big deal and, well you see for yourself . . . .
Sorry Ryan but that was too funny not to post!!  (love hate)

So basically when they were "kids" a couple of Chris' friends came up with this idea of the Ego Challenge.
This picture was taken Circa 1997 after the famed Ego Challenge.  It consisted of a couple teams chosen at random to compete in "games" such as basketball game, soccer game, home run derby, obstacle course, tug-o-war, volleyball, football game and a drinking tricycle race (that I would have loved to see). 

This took place over Memorial day weekend and of course there were prizes and consequences for the following places.  First place won the prize of nothing, second place had to jump off the pier, third place had to break dance on State Street in down town Santa Barbara and the dreaded fourth place had to dress like bums and beg for money on State Street!!  So creative!!   
I'm glad that they have grown up a little since they left high school, just a little.  They have all done crazy things and have remained friends.  What great memories they've made.  I can't wait 'till he can share all his crazy stories with Brady!!

It's great that  Chris can getaway with his boys and have a great time reliving their glory days! I think it makes for a healthy relationship for Chris and I to be able to do our own thing and then be soooo ready to come home after an eventful vacation with our friends.   I did talk to him while waiting in the airport waiting for his plane home and asked him if he was mentally, physically and emotionally ready to come back home   . . . AKA you're not hung over right because the kids are ready to see you :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun Times at Yaya and JJ's

We always have such a fun time at my parents house.  Bryn recently moved out, so for the first time in 13 years I was sleeping the in the room I grew up in.  Although I did have a new roommate, Turtle!!  The kids love playing outside on the swing, picking oranges, playing in the house and in the dirt!!  This time the swing was "broken" and it was pretty cold so we made our own fun inside. 
Rylee would chase Brady and then jump over my dad and make it almost every time.  She had a blast jumping over him, not sure my dad was so thrilled!  I thought it was funny :)
One of the greatest things about my parents house is the fire place!!  When its cold enough to have a fire it is the best feeling.  My dad makes a great fire and then my mom and I try to keep it going.  It really does heat up the whole room and makes for great ambiance!
Brady finally upgraded to the big kids table with Rylee!  He didn't last long but he had fun while it lasted.
He mostly likes the rocking chair, he loves the one in his room and he loves the one at my parents house!  Cute little kid.   Oh yea and when we were in Newport Bryn was getting her hair done and we took Brady in to see my friend Nicole and she wasted no time getting  her hands on  his over grown mop.
I love all of our mini getaway vacations, 4 counties in 3 days, love living in So Cal!!

Long Beach Aquarium

The kids and I took off on a mini vacay while Chris was in Scottsdale with his friends.  We went up to Riverside, Long Beach Aquarium and Newport!
My mom took us to the UCR basketball game and it was great we didn't even make it to half time!  The kids were worn out from all the pregame festivities.  Brady played kick the can with a red solo cup and Rylee was busy taking pictures, go figure!!
The long beach aquarium was wonderful.  Both kids loved everything about it.  Brady loved to get out and walk along looking and pointing at all the fish.  Rylee pointed out every Nemo and Dory along the way!
This was mostly what it looked like all day.  Both of them with their backs to me looking at all the great under water exhibits!
Brady couldn't get close enough to all the fish.  Rylee was in charge of the map and telling us where we were going!  They had a bunch of shows the whole day, mostly for the kids and there was nobody there that day so you had a front row seat to every show and every exhibit.
Rylee didn't want to touch any of the fish, sharks or star fish in the pond.  Brady splashed all around and then sipped out of the puddles, only to find out it was a little more salty than he anticipated!!

Waiting for story time to begin!  Rylee got to be one of the "actors" for story time and was a little ham!
Brady got to sit with Yaya and eat Gold Fish!
One of the shows had 3 divers that went into the giant reef tank and was telling us all about the fish and coral!  They had huge manta rays swimming around and the divers were feeding them broccoli.  It was pretty cool and they would swim right up to the glass . . . Crazy!!
We took a wonderful picnic lunch and ate outside on the picnic benches that were right on the water When we were done with the Long Beach Aquarium we headed back to Newport for some more fun with Mimi and Grandpa!  The Long Beach Aquarium is a great place for kids in my opinion it is way better that the Birch Aquarium here in San Diego!

Playing Outside

It is so crazy that only in Southern California can it be 80 degrees and beautiful in January!  I do kind of wish that it would feel a little like winter but when new toys get delivered for Christmas it's nice to have summer like weather to try them out!  The alley behind our house is the best place to play and ride all of our new and old toys.  The kids know to jump into someones garage when a car approaches and its really nice that we know everyone in our alley and they are always on the lookout for small kiddos!

Brady loves getting pushed around on his new tricycle, I think he really wants to pedal but he's a little far off from that!
Rylee thinks she's big enough to skateboard.  She pulls it up to the top of the alley and then sits on it and races to the bottom!  She is still a crazy little dare devil!
Brady also got this cute, I mean manly, scoot around tricycle that he can actually do!!
So cute, they were high-fiving when ever they would pass each other!  They are finally starting to play with each other, that is if Rylee will play with him.  He loves it when Rylee chases him all over the house.
Brady finally mastered the slide we have in the back yard.  He's a little sketchy at the top but loves it when he gets to the bottom!!
After having so much fun outside this is where they all ended up watching a movie!!  So precious!
I don't think I could ever live somewhere in the snow and cold, but I would like to just have a little winter like weather once and a while. But if the weather is going to be so wonderful outside we will just have to take advantage of it!!  Here's to summer in January!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

HELLO 2012!
As the rule states you should have some form of new years resolution that says you should do as follows . . .
Statistically new years resolutions only last about 2 weeks. I'm going to try a little harder this year and see how long I can go.  Last year I vowed that I was going to live by the motto "Less is More"  I did try and it came up in our home many a time. I know this year my resolution should be to keep a cleaner more organized home but lets face it I'm just not ready for that,.  Sorry mom I'll try I'm just not ready to make it an official resolution :) This year I am going to try to keep it simple and attainable . .  My New Years Resolution is to stay positive and be happy in all situations!!

During my addiction to Pinterest, I have come across many great quotes, statements and motto's to live by.  Some good, some bad and some just true!!  Here is my latest compilations of just that . . .

I think this is a great set of family rules.  I might post this somewhere in my house!!!

I saw that Oprah had this in her office and I think it's a great reminder that everyone is affected by the mood you are in!  Going to try and keep it positive and happy :)

This quote should be ground into the heads of every child!
It's so true 
 I need to remember this more often.  Sometimes I find myself wrapped up in everything pertaining to perfection that I loose sight of the fun that could be happening.  I need to concentrate on being the best me I can be instead of always comparing myself to the Jone's or the Kardashian's for that matter!  My life is so full of wonderfulness and it's far from perfect :)  But I wouldn't have it any other way perfectly wonderful!
I'm pretty sure I take life for granted.  I have had very little loss in my life and think that everyone will be here forever (or as long as I will). I am going to take this one to heart and really make a concerted effort to tell the most important people in my life that I do love them, because as cliche as it is life is short and it can be taken away in the blink of an eye!  And that's all I have to say about that as I can barely see through my tearing up eyes!! 
 I'm sure my mother does not believe this one! But it's true!!!
 This is probably very true!!  I am one of kind  . . . hahah!!
 I told Chris I would stop rolling my eyes so this one is for him :)
I heart you Christopher!!

Yep! A new year is a time for trying to be a better you in whatever way you deem fit!
 Chris and I layed in bed last night trying to come up with our most memorable moments of 2011 and there were lots but I think mine was our ill fated Mammoth trip.  Chris said of all the great things and you picked that??  I said memorable doesn't mean fabulous just something you will never forget and that trip was one for the books!  Chris said his was any day digging a hole for the kids at the beach in Newport.  He loved how much the kids loved it and how much enjoyment they got from it!!  He is much more sentimental than I am :)  We decided that 2012 is going to be a normal year . . . then thought that we don't really know what that looks like. 
 Here's to a normal, happy, positive year . . .
We welcome you with open arms 2012!