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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Love these guys!!

Finally a little love for Chris!!
So Chris and I rarely ever actually never do we say NO to the others plans for getting out of the house for any reason. This being said, I go to 3 Mom's Night Out a month, take off to Newport Beach for weeks at a time and Riverside for long weekends.  In order for me to have all this fun, it means Chris has to come home early or live like a bachelor while the kids and I are away.  He really is the best husband I know.  We don't do things tit for tat (thank goodness) and we try to travel together for the most part.  But, he never has Dads Night Out so when there is an opportunity for some quality boys time there is absolutely no hesitation on my part . . . Go!!
Chris has an extraordinary group of friends from Goleta, probably about 12 or so that have stayed friends over the years.  This is the greatest, most eclectic group of friends that I have ever seen.  They all went to  junior high together (till Chris got kicked out, but that's a whole other story), high school together and then went to various colleges. They went to San Diego State, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Fullerton, Davis, and many colleges in between.  They all live in different parts of country and when they get together its like they are back in high school, beer included!!!
I met most of them during our trips to Fiesta and their 10 reunion and could instantly see the bond between these grown men!!  I really do love all of Chris's crazy friends.  It's amazing to me that they really do keep in touch with each others lives.  They call, text and email, pretty regularly.  They are all so unique and crazy in their own way that they each bring something special to the group.  Some married with kids, some married and some single.  Three of these guys were in our wedding.  Dave was our best man and is the only one we see often, probably because he lives in San Diego and because he works at one of my most favorite stores in the mall :)  Ryan used to live with us right when we moved in and I was 6 months pregnant and newly married . . . Ryan and I have a love hate relationship  . . .   I love you Ryan :)  We usually see Leo, Izzy and Nicky when we are up in Santa Barbara for a holiday, wedding or Fiesta, but we recently flew out to see Nicky in Tennessee.  I am so happy they have all stayed friends so long they really are great guys!
They all went to Scottsdale to visit Ryan, he recently got a new job and was relocated out to Arizona.   Chris texted me when they all got settled in and it said . . . "Nicky just got here, we're all talking about the good old days and Nicky made a slide show with all of us over the years, we're going to watch it later!"  Oh good lord!  Whenever I am with this bunch it is always the same stories, reliving their glory days!  Before I knew it the next text came with this picture . . . "just jumped in a limo after dinner!"
Apparently the limo was to cool they had to move on to a pedi-cab  . . . .  Video for your enjoyment!!
Is it just me or does my husband and his friends sound like a bunch of giggling teenage girls?!??
Then I about died when this picture came in . . . .That can't be good right?!?
That's a lot of alcohol . . . bottle service at some place! 

They were at a bar all day drinking and watching the games and talking about each others old girlfriends!  Bottoms up!
As their  time in Scottsdale was coming to an end there had to be one final challenge  . .  who is the strongest man among them?? So adult like!!  And as usual Ryan is the biggest talker of them all and can always do it bigger and better.  They all took turns playing this game where you hit the speed bag one time as hard as you can to see who got the highest score.  Of course Ryan making a big deal and, well you see for yourself . . . .
Sorry Ryan but that was too funny not to post!!  (love hate)

So basically when they were "kids" a couple of Chris' friends came up with this idea of the Ego Challenge.
This picture was taken Circa 1997 after the famed Ego Challenge.  It consisted of a couple teams chosen at random to compete in "games" such as basketball game, soccer game, home run derby, obstacle course, tug-o-war, volleyball, football game and a drinking tricycle race (that I would have loved to see). 

This took place over Memorial day weekend and of course there were prizes and consequences for the following places.  First place won the prize of nothing, second place had to jump off the pier, third place had to break dance on State Street in down town Santa Barbara and the dreaded fourth place had to dress like bums and beg for money on State Street!!  So creative!!   
I'm glad that they have grown up a little since they left high school, just a little.  They have all done crazy things and have remained friends.  What great memories they've made.  I can't wait 'till he can share all his crazy stories with Brady!!

It's great that  Chris can getaway with his boys and have a great time reliving their glory days! I think it makes for a healthy relationship for Chris and I to be able to do our own thing and then be soooo ready to come home after an eventful vacation with our friends.   I did talk to him while waiting in the airport waiting for his plane home and asked him if he was mentally, physically and emotionally ready to come back home   . . . AKA you're not hung over right because the kids are ready to see you :)

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