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Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun Times at Yaya and JJ's

We always have such a fun time at my parents house.  Bryn recently moved out, so for the first time in 13 years I was sleeping the in the room I grew up in.  Although I did have a new roommate, Turtle!!  The kids love playing outside on the swing, picking oranges, playing in the house and in the dirt!!  This time the swing was "broken" and it was pretty cold so we made our own fun inside. 
Rylee would chase Brady and then jump over my dad and make it almost every time.  She had a blast jumping over him, not sure my dad was so thrilled!  I thought it was funny :)
One of the greatest things about my parents house is the fire place!!  When its cold enough to have a fire it is the best feeling.  My dad makes a great fire and then my mom and I try to keep it going.  It really does heat up the whole room and makes for great ambiance!
Brady finally upgraded to the big kids table with Rylee!  He didn't last long but he had fun while it lasted.
He mostly likes the rocking chair, he loves the one in his room and he loves the one at my parents house!  Cute little kid.   Oh yea and when we were in Newport Bryn was getting her hair done and we took Brady in to see my friend Nicole and she wasted no time getting  her hands on  his over grown mop.
I love all of our mini getaway vacations, 4 counties in 3 days, love living in So Cal!!

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