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Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Beach Aquarium

The kids and I took off on a mini vacay while Chris was in Scottsdale with his friends.  We went up to Riverside, Long Beach Aquarium and Newport!
My mom took us to the UCR basketball game and it was great we didn't even make it to half time!  The kids were worn out from all the pregame festivities.  Brady played kick the can with a red solo cup and Rylee was busy taking pictures, go figure!!
The long beach aquarium was wonderful.  Both kids loved everything about it.  Brady loved to get out and walk along looking and pointing at all the fish.  Rylee pointed out every Nemo and Dory along the way!
This was mostly what it looked like all day.  Both of them with their backs to me looking at all the great under water exhibits!
Brady couldn't get close enough to all the fish.  Rylee was in charge of the map and telling us where we were going!  They had a bunch of shows the whole day, mostly for the kids and there was nobody there that day so you had a front row seat to every show and every exhibit.
Rylee didn't want to touch any of the fish, sharks or star fish in the pond.  Brady splashed all around and then sipped out of the puddles, only to find out it was a little more salty than he anticipated!!

Waiting for story time to begin!  Rylee got to be one of the "actors" for story time and was a little ham!
Brady got to sit with Yaya and eat Gold Fish!
One of the shows had 3 divers that went into the giant reef tank and was telling us all about the fish and coral!  They had huge manta rays swimming around and the divers were feeding them broccoli.  It was pretty cool and they would swim right up to the glass . . . Crazy!!
We took a wonderful picnic lunch and ate outside on the picnic benches that were right on the water When we were done with the Long Beach Aquarium we headed back to Newport for some more fun with Mimi and Grandpa!  The Long Beach Aquarium is a great place for kids in my opinion it is way better that the Birch Aquarium here in San Diego!

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