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Monday, January 16, 2012

Playing Outside

It is so crazy that only in Southern California can it be 80 degrees and beautiful in January!  I do kind of wish that it would feel a little like winter but when new toys get delivered for Christmas it's nice to have summer like weather to try them out!  The alley behind our house is the best place to play and ride all of our new and old toys.  The kids know to jump into someones garage when a car approaches and its really nice that we know everyone in our alley and they are always on the lookout for small kiddos!

Brady loves getting pushed around on his new tricycle, I think he really wants to pedal but he's a little far off from that!
Rylee thinks she's big enough to skateboard.  She pulls it up to the top of the alley and then sits on it and races to the bottom!  She is still a crazy little dare devil!
Brady also got this cute, I mean manly, scoot around tricycle that he can actually do!!
So cute, they were high-fiving when ever they would pass each other!  They are finally starting to play with each other, that is if Rylee will play with him.  He loves it when Rylee chases him all over the house.
Brady finally mastered the slide we have in the back yard.  He's a little sketchy at the top but loves it when he gets to the bottom!!
After having so much fun outside this is where they all ended up watching a movie!!  So precious!
I don't think I could ever live somewhere in the snow and cold, but I would like to just have a little winter like weather once and a while. But if the weather is going to be so wonderful outside we will just have to take advantage of it!!  Here's to summer in January!!

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