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Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter in So Cal

 The weather in January has been down right beautiful . . . warm, sunny, blue skies, 80 degree temperatures smack dab in the middle of WINTER!!!  Feels more like summer but we'll take it!!  We headed up to Newport this weekend to soak in some sun and celebrate Gramps' 80th birthday or as he calls it "Phase 5"
The kids love the beach and so do Chris and I but I think this is going to be one of the best summers ever.  Last weekend was a glimpse of what next summer will look like. Rylee just wanted to play soccer all day on the beach and Brady was checking everything out and running from the water!!
There was a million people at the beach, seems like everyone wanted in on the beach like weather!
Quick update on the B-Man . . . he finally had his 18 month check up and he weighed in at 27lbs 60%, 32inches tall 30% and only one word to show for it!!!  BALL!!  We are working with Rylee's speech therapist and a couple others to enhance his verbal skills.  He loves loves loves books and kicking the ball all over the house and still gets in to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!  He has mastered the play structure at the playground and can go up and down the slide a million times.  If Rylee gives him any attention he is in hog heaven, he loves it when she chases him up and down the hall.  His little personality is so mellow and so relaxed but the temper tantrums are in full swing if he can't get his point across or can't have something he wants. 

Rylee is the only one who has escaped the "PLAGUE"  Chris and I were practically on our death beds last weekend and had to ask my parents to come get the kiddos when neither one of us could lift our heads from the pillow and the kids were eating left over ritz crackers and Gatorade from our room we knew we couldn't do it!  My mom and dad rushed down swooped up the kids and we layed in bed and made many a many a many trip to the bathroom in 24 hours.  At first I thought we had food posining because we got sick at the same time but come to find out nope it was the plague!  We had wonderful friends and neighbors that came to our rescue bringing Gatorade, crackers and meds to help us back on the right track.  Lastly Brady got it :( nothing worse than a sick child, but he made it through and Rylee got to have a fun day with Yaya!!

I'm not sure if winter will ever come this year but if the weather stays like this I'm OK with it!!

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