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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Who would have thought this little face would be into EVERYTHING!!!!!
I know, I know he's only 20 months old, a precocious, investigative little dirt ball, I mean boy but good lord.   It's like he knows he's not supposed to open that cupboard, or climb those stairs, or put our toothbrushes under the bathroom door while I'm inside and clean out everything under my bathroom sink (Qtips one at a time, brushes, tampons, hair dryers, hair sprays, hot rollers one at a time the list goes on and on.  Rest assured I am supervising this kid, I'm not lounging around watching DVR'd episodes of Gossip Girl (well maybe somedays) but just as I'm cleaning up one spot he's on to the next.   I mean really into everything.  I'm sure its pretty normal but Rylee never got into anything so this is new territory for me.  I think  we are going to have to lock every door in the house.  My personal favorite is when he goes in the pantry and pulls out the same 3 items . . . syrup, honey and more syrup!!!
 He either wants pancakes at any time of the day or he's addicted to sugar . . . aghhhhhh this kid.  I can't help but just laugh when he pulls all the books off the shelf, all the Tupperware out of the cupboard or throws out every cookie cutter I own.  At this point it is a lesson in clean up clean up everybody do your share (I think I'm doing most of his share too!)
Rylee calls him Godzilla as he is destroying the train table that she and I so carefully set up.  Its hilarious to hear her yell Mama its Godzilla again!!  I will forever follow around this little guy cleaning up his messes until he can finally do it himself, what I'm guessing is somewhere around 30 years!
Good thing he's cute!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From Diapers to Diamonds


The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Hazen

Crazy to think that these two have know each other since they were in diapers.  At this time in my life all my friends have kids roughly the same age and always think . . .  well maybe some day they will end up together.  Well, my mom and Scott's mom might have been thinking the same thing and viola . . . it happened!!!  Scott proposed with the most perfect diamond I've ever seen.  They are so lucky to have each other and we are so happy for them and can't wait to be a part of their big day!!

My cousin Courtney is the most beautiful writer and wrote this little story about Bryn and Scott!!

The dictionary defines the word fate as: something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune.

To fully understand how Bryn and Scott fit together with such ease, one must rewind twenty some years and recognize that their fate was to end up together. At the tender age of two, Bryn was declaring Scott as her boyfriend. While it may have been love at first sight for Bryn, Scott was busy stealing eggs out of her Easter basket and wondering how in the world he’d won over the precious little girl he’d just tricked into losing the Easter egg hunt. Fast-forward to high school and these two would become sweethearts once again. At a Poly versus Arlington High School basketball game, Bryn and Scott hit it off and rekindled the flame they lit in the sandbox as two-year-olds. With timing working against them, they would part ways once again only to reconnect for a final time in college. As fate would have it, Bryn and Scott got back in touch in college, endured the distance of Bryn studying one semester in Italy, and made their way back into each other’s arms. In May of 2005, they happened to be in Vegas the same weekend and as Scott puts it, “there was something more: the way we held hands, the way she looked at me.” It’s easy to see why Bryn and Scott fit together so well because for the last twenty some years, they’ve been connecting and reconnecting time and time again. Whether they were fighting over Easter eggs, or enduring the distance between here and Italy, their fate was to be together and six and a half years later, they will turn that fate into forever.

-As told by Courtney Schembri

Beautiful right??  I think so too.  Congrats again Bryn and Scott can't wait till the big day!!
Check out Bryn's wedding blog . . .

PS . . . I have asked Courtney to write my eulogy so just in case she forgets can some one remind her!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Circus Vargas, picnic and a photo shoot

Well today we thought we would get out and enjoy our fine city.  We packed a picnic lunch, I threw my camera in my bag, bought tickets to the circus and headed for Balboa Park.  I feel like I have been stuck inside lately and with the 3 day weekend ahead of us we thought it would be fun to get out and be with the people.  We didn't realize that it is museum month and all the museums have crazy discounts, so there were MILLIONS of people at Balboa Park.  After driving around we finally found a parking spot and started hunting out the perfect picnic spot!  Along the way we stopped for a bunch of photo ops.  Brady is not having the stop and say cheese bit yet but Rylee on the other hand can't get enough of the camera!!
After picture taking we settled on the perfect picnic spot!
I find that most of the pictures I take of Brady are either of his back or his profile.  It helps that both of those angles are pretty cute :)
After chasing Brady all over Brady Park this was the last straw and Chris decided I needed my picture taken.
2 Silly Monkey's

Picnic and photo shoot over and we were on to Circus Vargas! 
We got in our seats and before we knew it Rylee was in the center ring hula hooping and balancing peacock feathers with the circus kids!  Of course the time we go by ourselves to an event we have no one to take pictures while we wrangle the kids.  Sad no pictures to show for it :(  Brady was happy clapping for all the acts and Rylee loved it until . . . .
I GOT PULLED UP ON STAGE!!!! Yep that's right I got picked to be serenaded by 3 clowns vieing for my attention. . . what a lucky girl :)  Rylee did not like that I was on stage.  Then in the second act CHRIS GOT PULLED UP ON STAGE!!  Who knew 3 out of 4 Hlinka's would make it into the center ring at the circus.  I guess if the need arises we will be able to find work in the circus.  By this time I had run out to get my camera, sneak it in and snap a picture of Chris dancing with the clowns!!  After thinking about it, I have been pulled up on many a stage . . . on stage at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, at a luau in Kauai, at the Gospel Brunch at the Hard Rock, apparently I send out the "pick me I want to be on stage vibe"
All in all we had a great time enjoying our city.  San Diego has so much to offer and we are going to take more advantage this year.  Get out and see something :)


The usual suspects were in the front row for Rylee's gymnastics performance.  The 2nd Gymnastic Show was just as thrilling as the last!
  She just got moved up in gymnastics to the next level and still loving every minute of it.
She can do cartwheels, somersaults, walk the beam without falling off and go up and over the bar!  She still has no fear.
She was so happy to get her 2nd gymnastics medal and we were so proud of her!!
Congrats Rylee you are doing so great in gymnastics, can't wait for the next show :)

Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day is one of my most favorite holidays!  Probably because it is all about everything love, hearts and RED.  Come to think of it all my favorite holiday's revolve around the color red . . . odd?!?  Non the less . . .

Valentine's Day was more like Valentine's week.  I hosted both Rylee and  Brady's playgroup Valentine parties in the same week, celebrated Feb. 14 with the fam and Chris and I celebrated the Saturday before thanks to my parents for taking the kids so we could have a mini staycation :)  Chris and I dont usually do a lot for Valentines Day but this year my parents had the kids for the  weekend so we thought why not.  We went down to La Jolla for a little V-day date night and ate at George's at the Cove, and then finished off the night with a night cap from our favorite bartender at Capri Blue  . . . Kenny!!!  It is a must that we start of f the morning with  heart shaped waffles for breakfast, heart cookies and heart shaped PB&J for lunch. 

Rylee was really into her Valentines this year.  She got to give them out at her playgroup party and at school.  She "read" each one and was even more excited each time she opened one it was so precious. 
This was the 3rd Annual playgroup Valentine Party!
Chris came home early on Valentine's day and took us out to sushi for V-day dinner and by the time we made it home Brady couldn't take it any more and fell asleep on the couch! 
That's one tuckered out little Valentine. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl

Super bowl this year wasn't that exciting for me, mostly, because my packers weren't in it.  OK not mostly, completely I thought for sure after the great season they were having they were going to the super bowl for sure!  Anyway there is always next year. We had a couple of our friends over and all the kids had a great time together. 8 adults and 7 kids makes for one chaotic party.  Good thing nobody really cared about either team because the kids were all over the place it was hard to catch more than 2 plays at at time.  We were just hoping for a good game.    We had a super bowl pool and party game.  Chris and I never win but we did have fun trying. 
Brady and Milan are still to young to play with the big kids, but had fun trying to keep up.

Rylee and Maya always have a great time playing together and it's even more fun when MJ and Jorden join the party!  They spent the whole day in the toy closet playing hide and seek with flash lights!!
Brady and his harem!
6 Girls (Maya, MJ, Rylee, Alina, Milan, Jorden) and 1 lucky little Boy!!

Trying to get a group shot was challenging but it turned out pretty good!
Thanks everyone for making it work.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bye bye

Ready to box up an old friend. It's time to be a big girl, all of her choosing of course :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini P

July 27th 2008 is the first time Rylee's Mini P made its first photographic appearance and it has been by Rylee's side ever since!! The Mini P is the small pink blanket she has slept with for ever and ever. When she attached to the Mini P it also came with any paci of her choice. We have never gone a nap or night without it EVER!!!!!!! It has gone with us everywhere we go and has never gotten lost or stolen. It did get miss placed at the gym one time but it was recovered before nap time, thank goodness. Rylee has also given the Mini P many names. It got the name Mini P because we had so many pink blankets that I kept saying grab the mini pink one and then it just got shortened to P. Rylee called them the He and the Ha and no one knows why. She would stick her hand under it and stick it up to her nose and smell it and if you asked her what it smelled like she would say watermelon?!?!? 

It made its way to an Angel Game
It went on its first trip to Disneyland!!
Even Brady had his way with it . . . Rylee did not think this was funny :)
Rylee loves her Mini P so much we knew that Brady would follow suit and boy were we right.  Brady loves his lubie just as much as Rylee loves her Mini P!!
I originally had 2 just in case one got lost but she never latched on to the other one. This is what it looks like today versus the original. It has been barfed on, spilled on, bleached and bleached and bleached some more until the satin on the edge is practically unrecognizable. It slowly went from pink to brown and now it's kind of grey. After much decussion, we decided that when she turned 3 that the paci had to go and she did pretty good with that but ever since then the Mini P hasn't held the same value. They were a package deal and it just wasn't the same. So recently she has become more interested in stuffed animals and wanting to sleep with a menagerie of animals in her bed. Turtles, fish, bunnies, dogs, pillow pet, and now the favorite, her Lala Lucy doll and that is what finally pushed the Mini P out of the bed :( Its actually kinda sad. She said last night that she wanted to sleep with the doll instead of her mini p and sure enough it was still on the stool next to her bed this morning . . tear . . . tear (mine not hers) She told me she wanted to box it up and give it to someone new!! So sweet, such a big girl.