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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini P

July 27th 2008 is the first time Rylee's Mini P made its first photographic appearance and it has been by Rylee's side ever since!! The Mini P is the small pink blanket she has slept with for ever and ever. When she attached to the Mini P it also came with any paci of her choice. We have never gone a nap or night without it EVER!!!!!!! It has gone with us everywhere we go and has never gotten lost or stolen. It did get miss placed at the gym one time but it was recovered before nap time, thank goodness. Rylee has also given the Mini P many names. It got the name Mini P because we had so many pink blankets that I kept saying grab the mini pink one and then it just got shortened to P. Rylee called them the He and the Ha and no one knows why. She would stick her hand under it and stick it up to her nose and smell it and if you asked her what it smelled like she would say watermelon?!?!? 

It made its way to an Angel Game
It went on its first trip to Disneyland!!
Even Brady had his way with it . . . Rylee did not think this was funny :)
Rylee loves her Mini P so much we knew that Brady would follow suit and boy were we right.  Brady loves his lubie just as much as Rylee loves her Mini P!!
I originally had 2 just in case one got lost but she never latched on to the other one. This is what it looks like today versus the original. It has been barfed on, spilled on, bleached and bleached and bleached some more until the satin on the edge is practically unrecognizable. It slowly went from pink to brown and now it's kind of grey. After much decussion, we decided that when she turned 3 that the paci had to go and she did pretty good with that but ever since then the Mini P hasn't held the same value. They were a package deal and it just wasn't the same. So recently she has become more interested in stuffed animals and wanting to sleep with a menagerie of animals in her bed. Turtles, fish, bunnies, dogs, pillow pet, and now the favorite, her Lala Lucy doll and that is what finally pushed the Mini P out of the bed :( Its actually kinda sad. She said last night that she wanted to sleep with the doll instead of her mini p and sure enough it was still on the stool next to her bed this morning . . tear . . . tear (mine not hers) She told me she wanted to box it up and give it to someone new!! So sweet, such a big girl.

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