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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Circus Vargas, picnic and a photo shoot

Well today we thought we would get out and enjoy our fine city.  We packed a picnic lunch, I threw my camera in my bag, bought tickets to the circus and headed for Balboa Park.  I feel like I have been stuck inside lately and with the 3 day weekend ahead of us we thought it would be fun to get out and be with the people.  We didn't realize that it is museum month and all the museums have crazy discounts, so there were MILLIONS of people at Balboa Park.  After driving around we finally found a parking spot and started hunting out the perfect picnic spot!  Along the way we stopped for a bunch of photo ops.  Brady is not having the stop and say cheese bit yet but Rylee on the other hand can't get enough of the camera!!
After picture taking we settled on the perfect picnic spot!
I find that most of the pictures I take of Brady are either of his back or his profile.  It helps that both of those angles are pretty cute :)
After chasing Brady all over Brady Park this was the last straw and Chris decided I needed my picture taken.
2 Silly Monkey's

Picnic and photo shoot over and we were on to Circus Vargas! 
We got in our seats and before we knew it Rylee was in the center ring hula hooping and balancing peacock feathers with the circus kids!  Of course the time we go by ourselves to an event we have no one to take pictures while we wrangle the kids.  Sad no pictures to show for it :(  Brady was happy clapping for all the acts and Rylee loved it until . . . .
I GOT PULLED UP ON STAGE!!!! Yep that's right I got picked to be serenaded by 3 clowns vieing for my attention. . . what a lucky girl :)  Rylee did not like that I was on stage.  Then in the second act CHRIS GOT PULLED UP ON STAGE!!  Who knew 3 out of 4 Hlinka's would make it into the center ring at the circus.  I guess if the need arises we will be able to find work in the circus.  By this time I had run out to get my camera, sneak it in and snap a picture of Chris dancing with the clowns!!  After thinking about it, I have been pulled up on many a stage . . . on stage at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, at a luau in Kauai, at the Gospel Brunch at the Hard Rock, apparently I send out the "pick me I want to be on stage vibe"
All in all we had a great time enjoying our city.  San Diego has so much to offer and we are going to take more advantage this year.  Get out and see something :)

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