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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Who would have thought this little face would be into EVERYTHING!!!!!
I know, I know he's only 20 months old, a precocious, investigative little dirt ball, I mean boy but good lord.   It's like he knows he's not supposed to open that cupboard, or climb those stairs, or put our toothbrushes under the bathroom door while I'm inside and clean out everything under my bathroom sink (Qtips one at a time, brushes, tampons, hair dryers, hair sprays, hot rollers one at a time the list goes on and on.  Rest assured I am supervising this kid, I'm not lounging around watching DVR'd episodes of Gossip Girl (well maybe somedays) but just as I'm cleaning up one spot he's on to the next.   I mean really into everything.  I'm sure its pretty normal but Rylee never got into anything so this is new territory for me.  I think  we are going to have to lock every door in the house.  My personal favorite is when he goes in the pantry and pulls out the same 3 items . . . syrup, honey and more syrup!!!
 He either wants pancakes at any time of the day or he's addicted to sugar . . . aghhhhhh this kid.  I can't help but just laugh when he pulls all the books off the shelf, all the Tupperware out of the cupboard or throws out every cookie cutter I own.  At this point it is a lesson in clean up clean up everybody do your share (I think I'm doing most of his share too!)
Rylee calls him Godzilla as he is destroying the train table that she and I so carefully set up.  Its hilarious to hear her yell Mama its Godzilla again!!  I will forever follow around this little guy cleaning up his messes until he can finally do it himself, what I'm guessing is somewhere around 30 years!
Good thing he's cute!!!

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