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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl

Super bowl this year wasn't that exciting for me, mostly, because my packers weren't in it.  OK not mostly, completely I thought for sure after the great season they were having they were going to the super bowl for sure!  Anyway there is always next year. We had a couple of our friends over and all the kids had a great time together. 8 adults and 7 kids makes for one chaotic party.  Good thing nobody really cared about either team because the kids were all over the place it was hard to catch more than 2 plays at at time.  We were just hoping for a good game.    We had a super bowl pool and party game.  Chris and I never win but we did have fun trying. 
Brady and Milan are still to young to play with the big kids, but had fun trying to keep up.

Rylee and Maya always have a great time playing together and it's even more fun when MJ and Jorden join the party!  They spent the whole day in the toy closet playing hide and seek with flash lights!!
Brady and his harem!
6 Girls (Maya, MJ, Rylee, Alina, Milan, Jorden) and 1 lucky little Boy!!

Trying to get a group shot was challenging but it turned out pretty good!
Thanks everyone for making it work.

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