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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Mops Girls!

This year I have joined Mops and met the most amazing bunch of girls!!  Mops is a women's group through Rylee's preschool and stands for Mother Of Preschoolers and we meet every other Wednesday.  All of our kids are the same ages with in a few months of each other, which adds to the fun.  They go to preschool together, playdates, and birthday parties together.  Our Mops table consists of Trish, Stephanie, Amy, Courtney, Kristi, Melissa, Tiffany, myself and our mentor mom Debbie. Most of the moms I have known before Mops and a couple are new and  have been great women to add as friends. Trish, who is in Rylee's playgroup I have known for a couple years now and is such a wonderful and sincere person.  She headed up our Mops group this year and brought us all together. She invited us to this cute little salon in RB for a day of blowouts, drinks and dinner with the hubby's!
Looking fab after we had our blowouts!
Stephanie and I were spotted by the paparazzi driving by!! 
 Before meeting up with our hubby's we went for drinks in Del Mar out on the patio.  It is so great to have such wonderful friends that you can spend the day just with just gabbing and drinking into the early evening with.
We all met up at En Fuego in Del Mar.  CJ picked up Chris, Mark and Josh and they all piled out of the car like clowns.  It was so nice of CJ to drive so we didn't have so many cars.   I think the guys were happy to be there.  Come to find out . . .
they thought they were only there to pay the tab and drive us hot mamas home!!
But of course they weren't, we love to have out girly time but we loved having the guys there more. After dinner drinks at Jimmy O's was a perfect way to end the night.   It is such a different dynamic when you add the guys into the mix, they are just as crazy as we are!  So much laughing and good times had by all!  Thanks Trish for such an a amazing day, we HAVE to do this again it was too much fun!!!!!!  I am extremely lucky and proud to be a part of such an amazingly, intelligent and beautiful group of women!!

Good Times in Mammoth

Another year in Mammoth equals another year of crazy memories!  At least this year we had NO barfing . . . Whoo Hoo!  My mom is so good at bringing all the food and planing out how we are going to spend our time in the mountains.  This year we were in charge of liquids and appetizers and Bryn and Scott were in charge of breakfast and Mom was responsible for everything else!!
Half way there we remembered we forgot the apps, whoops!
The kids did great on the drive.  Brady is the best car rider ever I would drive across country with Brady in a second . . . Rylee not so much! 
We keep track of our landmarks as we go . . . Brady's Mini Mart, Indian Boob, "The Wee's" Lone Pine, Big Pine and any other Pine along the way!!  We had an abundance of snacks, movies and toys to keep them occupied on the 6 hour trek.  They both slept on the first half of the ride, when they woke up we stopped for lunch and then turned on the movie and we sailed right on into Mammoth.
Rylee was super excited for Ski School this year.  She didn't mind putting on all the gear and got a new pair of pink goggles.  Chris, Scott and I snowboarded and skied while Rylee was in school and Yaya, JJ and Aunt B took care of Brady. 
The first day was BEAUTIFUL!  Probably the best day of skiing I have ever seen.  It was a Monday so nobody was there, the sun was out and it was warm.  The only thing that lacked was the amount of  snow.  Because we have been having such a warm winter the snow level isn't the greatest!
Brady is not a big fan of the snow!  He HATED his snow clothes, hated the boots, hated the glare from the sun, and hated being just plain old COLD!!!  Maybe next year we will have better luck.
The Second night my mom made a fabulous lasagna and we had a small Italian feast!  It's fun to have home cooked meals while on vacay!  Thanks Mom!!

After our second day of skiing Chris and I went to scout out sledding spots.  We happened to pick the same spot as last year.  Rylee was launching herself onto her sled and racing down the hill.  It was all smiles until Dada tossed a snowball onto the oncoming sled of Rylee and Aunt B which happened to be a direct hit!!  And then we (Rylee) were done.
 After Rylees morning of school we went back grabbed some lunch and then Bryn and Rylee headed out with us for the second half of the day.  Rylee went up with us and loved going up the chair lift.  She skied in front of me and did pretty good.  She kept telling me she wanted to go faster, but when we would go faster she would loose control of her ski's.  We had fun and she made it down one more run and then had had enough. So fun, she is getting better and better every year!!
After skiing we took a stroll through the Village.  Ate at Gomez's, then turned in for some hot chocolate, games and relaxing! 

Rylee is into playing games of all types.  This time it's cards and her favorite is Go Fish!!  Aunt B's favorite quotes from our game of Go Fish all came from Rylee and in no particular order
Do you hab a seben? (Do you have a seven?)
You hab eight? (You have an eight?)
Do you hab a gack? (Do you have a Jack?)

There was an igloo so we took the Brady Man up to check it out!!
 The second day of skiing was crazy!  It was blizzard like conditions.  100mph winds, icy runs and frigid temperatures.  I did one run and that was about it.  The lifts and gondola were swinging side to side and I just couldn't take it!! 
There is this amazing BBQ place we like to eat at and its walking distance in the Village.  Crazy us, that was the night it was practically a white out!!  But once we got there we were the only ones there.  Nobody else wanted to face the weather.
Fun times in Mammoth this year.  I love the tradition of going with my parents and Bryn and Scott and staying in the same place year after year.  Some are better than others and I think this was one of the better one's.  Mom was pretty sick but she rallied to have a good time, nobody got hurt and it was another year in the books!!
Bye bye Mammoth!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tavaglione Traditions

The Tavaglione name is a good one to have when you live in Riverside.  Even though growing up it might have been hard to pronounce or spell, as I got older I realized it started to mean more than I knew.  There was a beautiful article written about my family in Inland Empire Magazine and I had to share some of the words.  I thought I knew a lot about my family history but this article taught me just a little bit more.  Its pretty fun to have such a big family!!
My Papa, the 4th youngest, is one of 11 kids in the Tavaglione family 5 girls and 6 boys: Leonard, Antoinette, Dominic, Philomina, James, Victoria, Clara, Joseph Jr., Marie, Louis and Nicholas.  Joe and Mary, my great-grandparents originated from Foggia, Italy and in the early 1900's.
  They came over with 9 kids and settled in Pittston Penn. before moving further west and landing in Riverside in April 1927.  When they arrived "all we smelled was orange blossoms"  (must have been before the smog settled)  Not knowing my great-grandfather I learned that he was apparently quite the task master, my uncle Louis recalls " He was up early and taught everyone of us we had to work, whether we had to go to school or not" "Our bedrooms were upstairs. He would knock on the door once and give you enough time to get downstairs; you'd better not make him knock twice" adds Papa!!  In 1933 they built the Rubidoux winery on their property and it's 100ft tower became a Riverside landmark.  In 1959 they added Tava Lanes to their list of accomplishments.  I guess with 11 kids you have lots of help.  In their later years the Tavaglione children went on to be involved in over a dozen organizations.  "The  tone for community service and just plain working hard was set by Joe and Mary, and the children chose many paths"  Restaurant owner, nurse, business men, construction developers, homemakers, politicians, athletes and musicians. "As for the remaining 3 Tavaglione brothers, Joe, Louis, and Nick, don't be fooled by their ages.  These aren't OLD guys.  They report for work daily and remain involved in numerous civic activities." Papa is 88 years old, and people are amazed when I tell them that he still goes to work every day and travels to Sacramento almost once a week.  He tried to take a week vacation last summer and when I called to see how his vacation was going Nonnie answered and said he had to go in and check on a few things.  He just can't stay away, must be that hard core work ethic his father instilled in him!! 

I think it's pretty special to grow up in such a big family.  I only have 2 first cousins, but I have what feels like millions of 2nd cousins and a bunch of uncles and aunts.  Facebook has really kept us all in touch and even though I live in San Diego and most of my family still lives in Riverside, it's nice to see what everyone is up to and watch the family grow exponentially. I can't imagine having 11 kids I can bearly keep up with the 2 crazies I've got.  Cheers to you, Mary and Joe Sr. for growing such a marvelous family, I think you would be proud of the family you created!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Preschool Injury

I got a call from preschool yesterday. When the conversation starts out … everything's ok but we just wanted to let you know … it gets your attention. Rylee smashed her finger with a block and her teachers were afraid it might be broken due to how fast it started swelling, presence of blood and the fact that it turned purple instantly. They told me I could come pick her up. I said give her a band aid and I'd be there after lunch bunch. Rylee is a huge drama queen which she probably gets for her father but that's another story. Anyway, I picked her up and it sure was purple but thanks to my previous life as an athletic trainer I decided it was not broken thank god!
She holds it like its broken and won't even let it get wet in the bath, holding it a over her head throughout the whole bath! Hopefully this is our only school injury, being so fearless I'm surprised this is the only thing that's happened. Fingered crossed! Couldn't not post this picture!!

Sleepy Guy

So we were kind of excited to go to Gymboree with playgroup the other day. We dropped Rylee off at school at 8:30 came home showered changed and headed out at 9:30 for out 10:00 meet time. As we pull in the parking lot I turn around and Brady is asleep. I get him out of the car and he is dead to the world. We walk in and he's not waking up, I lay him down on the mat still asleep the kids start singing shaking tambourines and he's really really out. Our fun day at Gymboree turned into a bust. Other moms were walking by saying under their breath … "is that kid asleep?!". "I wish my kid did that!". Needless to say we left … still asleep I put him back in the car took him out at target strapped him into the ergo did my shopping, still asleep, back in the car he finally wakes up when we pick Rylee at school at 11:30!!!! Is it the sleeping sickness?!? Come to find out he has 3 new teeth coming in! 1 tooth away from a whole set… Whoo Hoo!!
Guess we will have to try Gymboree another time preferably when he's awake to enjoy it!!