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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Mops Girls!

This year I have joined Mops and met the most amazing bunch of girls!!  Mops is a women's group through Rylee's preschool and stands for Mother Of Preschoolers and we meet every other Wednesday.  All of our kids are the same ages with in a few months of each other, which adds to the fun.  They go to preschool together, playdates, and birthday parties together.  Our Mops table consists of Trish, Stephanie, Amy, Courtney, Kristi, Melissa, Tiffany, myself and our mentor mom Debbie. Most of the moms I have known before Mops and a couple are new and  have been great women to add as friends. Trish, who is in Rylee's playgroup I have known for a couple years now and is such a wonderful and sincere person.  She headed up our Mops group this year and brought us all together. She invited us to this cute little salon in RB for a day of blowouts, drinks and dinner with the hubby's!
Looking fab after we had our blowouts!
Stephanie and I were spotted by the paparazzi driving by!! 
 Before meeting up with our hubby's we went for drinks in Del Mar out on the patio.  It is so great to have such wonderful friends that you can spend the day just with just gabbing and drinking into the early evening with.
We all met up at En Fuego in Del Mar.  CJ picked up Chris, Mark and Josh and they all piled out of the car like clowns.  It was so nice of CJ to drive so we didn't have so many cars.   I think the guys were happy to be there.  Come to find out . . .
they thought they were only there to pay the tab and drive us hot mamas home!!
But of course they weren't, we love to have out girly time but we loved having the guys there more. After dinner drinks at Jimmy O's was a perfect way to end the night.   It is such a different dynamic when you add the guys into the mix, they are just as crazy as we are!  So much laughing and good times had by all!  Thanks Trish for such an a amazing day, we HAVE to do this again it was too much fun!!!!!!  I am extremely lucky and proud to be a part of such an amazingly, intelligent and beautiful group of women!!

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