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Friday, March 2, 2012

Preschool Injury

I got a call from preschool yesterday. When the conversation starts out … everything's ok but we just wanted to let you know … it gets your attention. Rylee smashed her finger with a block and her teachers were afraid it might be broken due to how fast it started swelling, presence of blood and the fact that it turned purple instantly. They told me I could come pick her up. I said give her a band aid and I'd be there after lunch bunch. Rylee is a huge drama queen which she probably gets for her father but that's another story. Anyway, I picked her up and it sure was purple but thanks to my previous life as an athletic trainer I decided it was not broken thank god!
She holds it like its broken and won't even let it get wet in the bath, holding it a over her head throughout the whole bath! Hopefully this is our only school injury, being so fearless I'm surprised this is the only thing that's happened. Fingered crossed! Couldn't not post this picture!!

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