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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleepy Guy

So we were kind of excited to go to Gymboree with playgroup the other day. We dropped Rylee off at school at 8:30 came home showered changed and headed out at 9:30 for out 10:00 meet time. As we pull in the parking lot I turn around and Brady is asleep. I get him out of the car and he is dead to the world. We walk in and he's not waking up, I lay him down on the mat still asleep the kids start singing shaking tambourines and he's really really out. Our fun day at Gymboree turned into a bust. Other moms were walking by saying under their breath … "is that kid asleep?!". "I wish my kid did that!". Needless to say we left … still asleep I put him back in the car took him out at target strapped him into the ergo did my shopping, still asleep, back in the car he finally wakes up when we pick Rylee at school at 11:30!!!! Is it the sleeping sickness?!? Come to find out he has 3 new teeth coming in! 1 tooth away from a whole set… Whoo Hoo!!
Guess we will have to try Gymboree another time preferably when he's awake to enjoy it!!

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