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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brady's Almost 2

Those blue eye's make most people do a double take, especially me!!

Ooooooohhhh the Brady Man.  He is getting cuter and cuter by the minute!  I just had all his hair cut off and he still has a mop of hair on that head.  His blue eyes are actually getting bluer I think!

We have been doing speech therapy for almost 5 months now and the words are finally coming.  We went though all the testing, hearing tests, speech evaluations, a visit to the ENT for possible tubes and then all of a sudden he went from NO words to a bunch of words!! The therapists we are working with are amazing.  Rylee's speech therapist is helping us and I swear she is the reason the words are coming.  We have Uh-Oh, Nana, Bubble, Buh-Bye, Hi, Thank you, Dada, Ball, Car, Go and Rylee!  That is a huge improvement in 5 months.  By the way do you see the word Mama in there anywhere??  Me either!

He is loving to play chase with Rylee. He gets behind her, slaps her on the back and yells GO!!

If they are not playing chase, he waits on the couch ready for her to get him.  She runs full steam from the kitchen and jumps on him on the couch.  He absolutely loves it!!  He is beginning to go to Rylee for help if he needs something opened and is eager to hold her hand.

When it's time to calm down both Rylee and Brady love to meld into their Dada and watch a movie!
So crazy how quickly the Brady Man is growing up. Getting into everything is still his greatest MO.   He's not big on toys that you ride on. He would much rather kick or throw a ball down the alley and then chase after it.  He is still such a lover and can't get enough of his lovie!  I can't believe he is going to be 2 so soon :)

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