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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012

For some odd reason I always think that dyeing Easter Eggs, carving the pumpkin, and putting up the Christmas decorations are going to be WAY more fun for the family than they actually are.  This year we got all the egg dying stuff with additional glitter because Rylee always wants glitter.  Hard boiled the eggs had our set up then 5 minutes later DONE!

Brady's idea of dying Easter Eggs was to throw the eggs in the colorful dye and watch it splash all over!!

After his egg went in he stirred it up a little then tried to fish it out!

Rylee just wanted to sprinkle the glitter  . . . .  so it worked out pretty perfectly.  Brady threw them in and fished them out then Rylee decorated them!!

We spent Easter in Newport Beach

Aunt B brought down her new puppy Willow.  Rylee calls her Wall-e Wall-e Junor!

She's so fluffy!!!

She loved walking Willow up and down the street.   More than not it was Willow walking Rylee and not the other way around.

Brady loved hunting for all the eggs decorated like sports balls!

The DeleDonne's came down for the hunt and this was the best pic I could get of all four.  Three out of four isn't too bad.  Gia just kept throwing all the confetti from the confetti eggs and screaming Whoo!!

We had a field day with the confetti eggs.  Every time we cracked one, everyone turned around and looked at Grandpa as if he was going to kill us for all the confetti on the porch!

After all the festivities Brady had had enough!  Nap on the couch watching his favorite movie Cars!!
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