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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fancy Nancy Tea

Rylee and I just went to the funnest event ever! The Fancy Nancy Tea!!  Rylee got dressed up in her fanciest outfit, bracelets, necklaces, high heels, and she requested extra curly hair and a flower head band. 

Rylee's little friend Mackenzie invited us, it was downtown and the Westgate Hotel.  They got the new Fancy Nancy book and a bag of fun goodies and a chance to meet Fancy Nancy herself!

She wasn't to big on the peppermint tea but loved the tea sandwiches, tiny desserts, and fruits and scones!  It was so fun to see all the little girls all dressed up in the fanciest get up.  Decked out from head to toe.  Mackenzie's dad had also come with her and her mom, she asked Rylee where her dad was and Rylee replied "my Dada is not fancy enough!"  I about died!!!

When Fancy Nancy arrived all the little girls were so excited.  She was actually the illustrator of the book but she was really fancy so we just went with it.  She read the book very dramatically and then taught them to balance a banana on their head for good posture; because a princess can't balance a book when she is wearing a tiara!  She showed them the perfect way to curtsy and put a gummy saver on their pinkie and kept it in the air while drinking their tea.  It really was super cute and Rylee loved every minute of it!

Rylee and Mackenzie concentrating on putting the gummy saver on their pinkie.

The girls and Fancy Nancy AKA: Robin Preiss Glasser the illustrator!!

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