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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rylee Birthday Party Part II

This year was Rylee's golden birthday, which means she turned 4 on the fourth!!  Actually she was 4 on 4.4 so we wanted to do an especially special party!!

This year Rylee wanted an all girl princess fairy party. We invited all her girlfriends from school,  and playgroup and special guest Tinker Bell ( and it was the real one!!)  Her invitation invited her friends to wear their best Tutu and the rest of the fairy accessories would be provided upon arrival.  We had wings, wands and pixie dust waiting for all of her friends. 

She looked so cute in her fairy princess get up!  Her hair is getting so long!

Rylee was so excited for her party and that Aunt B Yaya, Nini & Grandpa, and Grandma & Grandpa were coming down.  She was very adamant about it being girls only.  She repeatedly said that Chris, Brady could not come to her girls only party!  I have created a monster.

Being that it was girls only it was fun to be with my girl friends too!!

All the girls put on there fairy wings, carried around their fairy wands and couldn't wait to throw around their pixie dust! 

Rylee and Bella

When Tinker Bell showed up I thought there was going to be 15 screaming squealing girls and to my surprise they were silent just staring at Tinker Bell in awe.  They all kept saying . . . "this is the REAL Tinker Bell!!"  It was so cute, I hope the sweet innocence never leaves.

Brady finally got to stay and was so cute running amongst all the girls

Rylee and her birthday crown!!

They all looked so darn cute!

Tinker Bell and all her little fairy friends. Why is it when you tell little girls to do a funny face they all stick out their tongue?!?!?


Happy 4th Birthday Rylee hope your wish comes true. 

Mama, Rylee and Yaya

Rylee has so much fun with her best school friend Ashlynn

Our baby is 4 who knew I could love her more and more everyday. . . Happy Birthday Rylee!

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