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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rylee's First Sleepover!!!

I am so happy to be guest blogging on my sisters amazing blog!!! I feel the need to document Rylee's first sleepover because #1 it was so fun, #2 it was at MY house, and #3 she did AWESOME.

I've been slowly prepping Rylee to have a sleepover with me and Scott in our new house since Christmas. Scott and I thought it would be fun to get her a "Sleep over kit" complete with jammies, big girl panties, a blanket, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, and of course BANDAIDS. She loved it and couldn't wait to take it to my house, put it in HER room in HER drawers. ***A little back story about Rylee's room...she came over shortly after we moved in and dubbed our guest room, HERS. And since then Scott and I have actually called it "Rylee's room", it's complete with shabby chic furniture and cute green, pink and yellow floral bedding. So since Christmas we've been trying to prep her and talk up the "sleepover" to see if we could actually get her to do it. When I talk to her on the phone I bribe her with "jumping on the bed and lots of ice cream and popcorn!" if she wanted to come stay the night!

MONTHS of persuading and bribery and we finally got a date on the calendar for the sleepover. I ran to the grocery store and got "green ice cream" and made sure we had movies, popcorn and popsicles. She was telling Whitney that she was excited to sleep in the same room as Turtle and REFUSED to bring pjs from home because she had her own set at my house. So Mom, Dad, Brady and Rylee came over and brought pizza for dinner, we ate and played in the yard with the dogs(tucker and willow) and then came time for Mom, Dad and Brady to go home and the fun to really begin! As they were loading in the car dad says "don't call me at 2 am when she wants Yaya!". I was a terrible sleeper over at that age as was my cousin Courtney, so Dad didn't have much faith in Rylee. So after much ado the sleepover began!

We played in the backyard for a really long time with Rylee spending much of it on our swing that Scott made for her. She did great at learning to love and play with tucker, who is a 107lb chocolate lab who is eye/teeth level with rylee. My favorite part was me telling her that she was The Boss of Tucker and Willowin order for her to not be afraid of him. Later I heard Scott ask her who she was the boss of, she said Willow, Tucker and Momma, "because I tell her not to pick" LOL.

We ate, popcorn(which got spilled on the couch, then the floor), green ice crem, AND a popsicle while watching Rango. She and Scott played in her room and all over the house with the dogs too, at one point she looked at Willow And said "I want a doggie just like this!", I said ask your dad, not your mom! Throughout the evening my mom kept texting asking how things were and if rylee was asleep yet, I kept responding that it was a SLEEPOVER and there were no rules or bedtimes(yup im THAT aunt). She finally went to sleep with me in the room and I snuck out when she fell asleep.

She woke up crying about 3am, mad at me that I had left :( whoops. But a few hours later she woke up happy and ready to make cinnamon rolls with Scott.

Cinnamon Rolls in the backyard!

 All in all the sleepover was a raging success and I can't wait to have another one! The relationship that Scott and I share with Rylee is so so special, I hope we continue to be able to do fun things for years to come!

We just love the Munschki!

Written by Guest Blogger:  Aunt B.

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