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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rylee's Birthday Party Part III

At this point in Rylee's young life . . . Birthday's mean one thing
Heather and Jace were supposed to go with us but ended up not being able to so Yaya and Brady put on their Disneyland faces and hopped in the car!!
 Disneyland during spring break might not be the best idea but we had no choice that is how it will always be. We all got Disney passes for Christmas and it was time to take advantage of them! We packed up our things, threw the kids and the stroller in the car and off we were.  Time for the final 4th birthday celebration.
A Disneyland Birthday girl and a Disneyland 1st timer! Whoo Hoo!!!

Disneyland passes let me not feel guilty about how long we stay we go whenever and stay how ever long we choose.  There was already tons of people there when we got there at 9am.  The first thing we had to do when we got there was to get Rylee her birthday princess dress and of course she choose . . . Tinker Bell!!!

Tinker Bell is so excited to be four and this time when she wore her Birthday Button she was so happy to say thank you to the birthday wishers!!

Yaya and I were sooooo happy to be a Disneyland during spring break for Rylee's 4th Birthday
Brady was a great 1st timer!  He rode the rides like a champ and then quickly passed out at exactly the right time  . . . time for lunch!!
One minute we are enjoying Pirates of the Caribean and then I look down and Brady is asleep.  I think he missed the second half of the ride!  That smooth rocking of the boat put the little guy right to sleep!!

They loved the petting zoo and big thunder ranch. Rylee would stop at every goat so I could take her picture!  When we went back in November Rylee wasn't tall enough for Big Thunder but this year she was perfect  She LOVED IT!!  She rode it twice.  She is more into roller coasters than the slow scary rides.  Four years old and still loves the crazy rides
Rylee and I climbed up Tarzan's tree house . . . all the way to the top!
 Everyone was tuckered out so we headed home for some present opening time

Jace and Gia came down to help Rylee blow out her birthday cupcake!
Happy Birthday to my munchski!  I think you had a wonderful Birthday celebration!  We did it all and now for a great year of being 4!

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