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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I just LOVE spring break in Newport.  It is such a wonderful time to be at the beach.  Always wondering if we are going to have great weather or shitty weather.  We always make two sets of plans, one for good weather which only includes going to the beach and another set of plans for cold weather, usually shopping or Disneyland.  Sometimes it is so cold and we want to be on the beach so bad we roll out with our bathing suits on and then lay under our beach towel.  This year we had BEAUTIFUL weather.  The DeleDonnes have put spring break on their calendar and now they are there too which makes it even more fun. 
Rylee loves playing cards with grandpa and anyone else who will let her win.  She learned all the suits and cards, she plays Go Fish and  Crazy Eights.  If by chance she does lose she reluctantly says "Congratulations Grandpa" (very sad head down)

This year her birthday was during Spring break so she got to open more presents.  Nini and Grandpa got her a balance bike.  It is a tiny bike with no pedals.  At first I was very skeptical of this, but after hearing that it really helped every kid I know ride a two wheeler I gave in to Mimi!  She was bound and determined to figure it out and by the end of the week she had.
Rylee and her Great-Grandpa riding bikes together . . . how special!!
Meril stoped by with her first grand baby Drew, my friend Megan's new baby boy!
 I think this was the first time that Brady actually got to play with Rylee and Jace. They were running up and down the street jumping on and off everyone's porches.  He had so much fun running and screaming with the big kids! 

Brady is dying to be one of the big kids.  He pulled himself up to the table in a regular chair and was ready for dinner!!

It's funny to me that these 2 will keep thier hats on the whole day on the beach but not in the alley at home!

After a long hard beach day!

This year he finally got his first frozen banana from Anne's!  I'm not sure what he like more the frozen banana or the empty cone.  He looks like the perfect beach boy!

The kiddos are at a perfect age for the beach.  Rylee is so self sufficient running in and out of the water by herself or with Jace.  Brady, at the is point, has no desire for the water, and for this summer I am totally Ok with that!   They were so good in fact and in combination with awesome weather I got completely and totally burned.  Not usually what happens to me but I think this was the first time on the beach post kids that I have been able to lay or sit in one spot for longer than 5 min!! 

Where ever Brady is you will find this pink and purple watering can in his hand or not further than an arms reach!  We should probably get him a blue one right?!?

They still have so much fun together.  This picture makes me think of Bryn and Scott.  They met at this age, parents were friends and 27 years later MARRIAGE!!

The crew takin' in the rays!

Brady was "gently handing" JJ some sand.  JJ thought it was more of a toss!!

Aunt B providing some bubble entertainment!!

I could have this Spring Break every year (minus the burned part).  The weather was perfect, the kids were perfect, the company was perfect.  It really could not have been any better :)

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