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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Urban Camping

Chris got some wild hair this weekend and decided that he wanted to camp in the back yard with the kids.  We went to Target bought a tent and the kiddos were beyond excited!  Rylee got out her sleeping bag and Chris's sleeping bag and practiced sleeping in it in the living room!!

Brady thought it was his own personal fort and kept running in and out a million times!

What's camping with out s'mores?  Actually they only eat the marshmallows.  Makes for easier clean up.  Rylee likes to set hers on fire then eat the crunchy burnt part and then stick in back in the fire to be charred again.  Crazy kid.  I'm surprised Brady didn't poke some one's eye out with his stick waving it back and forth.

Aero bed blown up she was ready!

After marshmallow roasting I took B Man inside for bed time.  Rylee had her book a handful of flash lights and the game Trouble I zipped them in went inside and shut the door!!  I happily layed on the couch and watched a movie all by myself, maybe backyard camping isn't such a bad idea :)

I was so surprised when I woke up the next morning and I was still the only one in my bed.  I was pretty sure she would last but you just never know.  Chris said she kept asking
"What was that?" 
"A neighbor putting away their trash cans"
"What was that?"
"A garage door going up"
"What was that?"
"A garage door going down"
Not exactly the same sounds you would hear in the wilderness if you were camping, more like urban camping!!!
It was a success and Chris was more excited than Rylee!!  Next time Brady's going in the tent too :)

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