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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Disney with friends

Happiest Place on Earth with friends is the way to go!  Rylee and I went to Disneyland with Steph and Bella and we had a great time. 
I think Steph and I were a little sad when they told us they wanted to go together in their own shell.  A little sad 1. because they were big enough to do it and 2. because they didn't want to go with us :(

I love that Steph and I have stayed friends for so long and can now enjoy these special times with our
They looked so cute in their matching outfits.  Just reminds me of all the times I used to go with the Wilson's and we all used to match.  Everyone would always think that Emily and I were twins.  Disneyland does really bring back wonderful memories.
Rylee never ceases to amaze me.  Puts her hands up on all the roller coaster rides.  Had this picture snapped 2 seconds earlier her hands were up!!
Rylee wanted to go on all the fast roller coaster rides (Big Thunder, Splash Mountain) and Bella wanted to do dark slow rides (Haunted mansion, Pirates).  We made it work!!
I think we all had a great time.  We ate our way from California Adventure to Disneyland, popcorn, chili cheese fries, chicken nuggets, ice cream sundae and a last minute stop at the candy store on the way out for lollipops, toffee and jelly beans!!!  Steph says it all works out because we walked all over Anaheim!!  Pretty sure we could have run the whole time and it still would  not equal all the calories we took in :)  But I would do it all over again tomorrow!!  Can't wait to watch these two grow up to be even better friends. 
I'm sure there are many more Disneyland trips in our future!

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