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Monday, May 21, 2012

My Day!

Mother's Day this year was a little bitter sweet.  I got to go to my first Mother's Day Tea with Rylee at preschool, but I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with my Mom.
Rylee's Mother's Day Tea was so special.  I am beginning to realize that I am more emotional about the kids milestones than I thought.  When I got to the door she came and greeted me at the door and took my hand and led me to the circle on the rug.  She sang 3 songs, the Super Mom song, I love you, you love me, and the Slippery Fish song.  As she and her friends were singing I found myself getting a little teary eyed and as I looked around the room didn't look like any of the other moms were!  Must mean I just love my Rylee more! 
After the songs we sat at a table with Rylee's adorable little picture in a frame she made and cookies and lemonade.  It really was a special time I got to spend with Rylee and I will never forget my 1st Mother's Day Tea!!!

We didn't make it to Newport for Mother's day so my mom and I were in different counties (which is pretty rare) for this special holiday for Mommies.  Chris took us to the Del and we had a great Brunch.

Love my family!

Rylee told me she "hearts me"!!  That's good because I Heart her too!!

We had the best table in the whole place and it was packed wall to wall with millions of people.  It was a great brunch.  Chris loves a buffet of any kind and this was right up his alley.  They had anything you could imagine.  An entire room dedicated to just desserts and it was surely sinful!!

We tried to go to the beach after but it was so windy we opted for the pool at the Aventine!!
Mini photo shoot with my crazies!!

I had a wonderful Mother's day and I always want to be with them on this super special day . . . My Day!!
These 3 are my whole world!

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