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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not easy being 4

Rylee had her 4 year old check up today. Stephanie tried to prepare me but there was no amount of warning could have prepared me for what I was in for!
I figured the basic height, weight, eye and hearing test and a couple shots. Sounds easy right? Add Brady to the mix, a urine sample and 5 yes FIVE shots!!!
Height and weight piece of cake. Vision … Rylee wanted me to help her cover her one eye and in doing so Brady has escaped into someone's patient room multiple times before the eye test is finished. We make it into our room so she can do the hearing test and Brady is screaming at the phone because he paused his movie so now Rylee can barely hear the beeps during her test. Dr. Grayson does her exam and all is well until … "take this and have her pee in the cup." This was the part Steph had warned me about. I take both kids into the bathroom where they both burst into hysterics, Rylee won't do it and Brady wants out. After trying to force her Brady has opened the bathroom door and is running down the hall. Rylee screaming on the pot versus 2 year old running…what to do… run and grab Brady which makes him scream harder yank Rylee off said pot and walk back to our room a kid on each arm screaming bloody murder. I have promised Rylee any kind of ice cream if she is good and at this point I'm so mad that she couldn't just pee that I renig all promises and then she bucks up and does it this time I leave Brady in the room entertained by the nice nurses! Crazy girl!! next comes the finger prick, it wasn't so much the prick that bothered her but the nurse forcing the blood out of her finger. 2 shots in each arm later we were out of there screaming like she was being beaten and murdered. She passes on the sticker and toy because she was screaming so loudly that she couldn't even fathom the idea. As we were walking out between cries she was yelling "I don't EVER want to go back here again!!!"
She is currently home watching Tangled, eating 2 bowls of ice cream and dosed with a heavy handed spoonful of Tylenol. Poor girl, she has been through the ringer. Hope she can put her arms down soon she is walking around with chicken like arms!
Thankfully she is a healthy girl … weighing in at 37lbs and 40 inches tall 51 and 65% respectively!!
4 wasn't that fun today!

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