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Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st Dance Recital

One of the days I have been waiting for ever since I found out I was pregnant with a GIRL!!!


She was beyond excited and I had too many emotions running through me to count . . . anticipation, excitement, nervousness and stress to name a few.  The studio we go to is a ballet driven studio so they all wear the same uniform, differing on color, depending on their level and to keep cost down they also wear it for the recital.  I was kind of hoping for a really cute costume with frill and sparkle  her song was the angry bird song, maybe a cute yellow bird costume . . . but this was cute too!!  She got to wear blush, mascara and lip gloss and she loved every second of it, askin"are my eyelashes still on" every 5 minutes. 
Everyone came down to watch her performance . . .
Mama and Dada
Aunt B
Yaya and JJ
Mimi and Grandpa
Nonnie and Papa
were all there to witness her first dance recital. 

When I told them they could leave at intermission they were sold!!!  For 15 or so years of sitting through dance recitals with my sister and I, half a recital was a breeze.  They didn't have to wait in line for hours before it started to save seats like my poor dad used to (pre-order tickets 2nd and 3rd row center) or sit through the whole thing, but they did have to drive for hours to come and see her.  I guess it's a toss up.
We tried to have dinner first but everyone coming from different counties was a little harder than I had anticipated.  Needless to say Rylee and I didn't make it to dinner but instead had chicken nuggets in the car on the way (she had to be there an hour early).  I was happy when everyone was finally in their seats and the curtain went up.  Rylee's class was 4th to go on and I couldn't wait everyone was waiting to see how she would do.
 Let me give you a little background on my first recital (not that I remember it but that EVERYONE tells me the same story and I have seen it on video).  My first performance I was in a yellow duck costume all in line with my other dancers.  We all start doing our dance and I look down the line to see that one of my fellow dancers foot is out of line and not doing the right thing.  I stop dancing, march over to her and quickly put her back in line by moving her feet.
Now its Rylee's turn it all starts off great, they begin on their knees and slowly work up to standing to continue the dance.  When the girl next to Rylee doesn't stand up Rylee looks over to her and (after she told me) shook her finger at her and told her to "get up and keep going" then in the next part Rylee told her "not like that" (the little girl was pouting).  At this point my whole family is in hysterics.  Apparently the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree!!! Lucky for her . . . hahahah!!!
We were all happy to be there and be a part of Rylee's first dance recital.  Everyone said they wouldn't have missed it for the world!!

Nonnie and Papa made it!!

Jj wasn't going to miss out on Miss Rylee's dance recital, he was happy it was assigned seats!!

Yaya her biggest supporter brought her presents!! 

Mimi and Grandpa were there!!

Proud parents! 
Where is the Brady man you ask . . . ya like I was going to take him and try to sit though a dance recital. . . maybe next year!!

Rylee and her Great Grandparents

Aunt B was there too and Rylee said she clapped and yelled the loudest!

Really special to have my whole family in one place for Rylee's special performance

Rylee and Brady with the great grandparents. . .and JJ because Brady wouldn't let go!!!

Back at the house to eat cupcakes!

Grandpa . . . . . Rylee . . . . . . Nonnie

Rylee's favorite beach buddy Nini!!

Why is everyone always lookin' at the Brady Man???

Oh you wanted me to smile!!

Rylee we are very proud of you new accomplishment and we can't wait 'till the next one
Thanks so much to everyone that made the effort to come all the way to San Diego to watch Rylee in her 30 seconds of fame.  We loved having you all here!!!

Jj's Weekend!!

What a weekend for JJ!!  He pretty much had me and the kids for an entire weekend, lucky him!!It also happens that his birthday and Father's day are only a day apart.  There was a lot of togetherness!!! We got to go to  dinner, make snacks (ants on a log), play in the dirt up on the wedding site, pick and make Ollaberry tarts, and go to the movies!! It was a fun packed weekend. 
Rylee and JJ went and picked Ollaberries for the pie.  Rylee was in charge of holding the bowl for the berries, when Jj looked down at the bowl he thought it might be full but Rylee was using the 2 for me 1 for you method . . . AKA not enough berries for a pie but just enough for a tart!!!  She really does love berries of all sorts.

Going to the movies was quite a treat.  Jj got to experience Brady's first movie ever and boy was it exciting.  We had popcorn, candy, water, and the lovie, we were ready.  To bad there was 20 minutes worth of previews before the kids movie. . . crazy movie makers.  He would have lasted longer had he seen 20 minutes of the movie versus the previews.  He made it through the whole movie, some standing some sitting in his chair and some sitting on my lap, but no matter where he was he made it and I didn't have to walk him around the plaza!!!
We got to spend some time over at Nonnie and Papa's house. They love running around the yard chasing the dog, looking to see what they have in the fridge and riding up and down the elevator!  Hanging out with them is always entertaining when Sam the dog comes out to play.  Rylee runs away from Sam screaming like the dog is going to kill her and Brady can't run fast enough to catch the dog and usually ends up being licked or only getting his fingertips to brush the sprinting dog. 
JJ and Papa with their grand/great grand kiddos!!
We had a really fun time with JJ on his father's/birthday.  Jj is a busy man and when we get the opportunity to spend some quality time and have him all to ourselves we jump at the chance.  The kids love that he lets them jump all over him, get dirty in the dirt, pick berries and spill down the front of their dress and not care and generally just do whatever they want.  Grandparents always have the "let them do whatever they want, they are at my house" attitude and I think grandfathers take it to the next level and that is why they have so much fun with my dad.  He makes everything FUN!!!   Both of the kids love him so much and so do I. . . . Happy birthday and Happy Father's day Dad!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rylee's First Competition

About 2 years ago Chris and I went to Hawaii and Rylee stayed with my parents. During her stay my family taught her how to hula hoop.  It has been her claim to fame (and my mom and sister's too, that they taught her)  She is damn good.  It is so crazy to see a little 2 year old (at the time) whip around this big 'ole hula hoop. They would start by counting and eventually they were counting up to 100!!  She was so determined that it only took her 24 hours to master it.  My moms favorite line is "whip it whip it!!"
SOooooo when we got the end of the year preschool flyer and it said "hula hoop contest" we/she was ALL IN!!!  She was so excited and practiced and practiced wanting to know if when she won would she be getting a medal.  I told her that she may not win and needs to be a gracious looser should it come to that, by saying congratulations. She then informed me that she would win because her Daddy said she was the best!!! Oh good lord, her confidence is astounding!!
When it came time for the contest she was ready.  There was a first round dividing the kids into grade levels.  She won her level and moved on to the finals. Everyone was cheering her on.  It was really funny to see this little thing out there whipping around the hula hoop.   When it came down to it, it ended up being her (the youngest) and another girl (the oldest)!  I'm not sure if either girl was going to give in and they awarded them both the WINNER!!!  She did in fact win a "medal" and was so proud of herself. 
What a crazy kid we have on our hands.  She is already one competitive girl and I can't wait to see what else she can accomplish with her drive.  Congrats Rylee on your first of hopefully many wins, we will always be your biggest supporter!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

End of Preschool

It can't really go this fast can it?? 
I sure hope not, I feel like if I blink it might be high school graduation and I am NOT ready for that. I was so surprised at how emotional I was.  I always thought those parents that cry when they drop their kids off for their first day of Kindergarten were crazy but now I have a feeling I am going to be one of those crazy parents!!  Just handing her teachers her thank you cards I started to tear up, then picking her up I had tears rolling down my cheeks, really who am I???  Even Rylee said it's OK Mama don't be sad, be happy like ME!! Not sad just amazed the amount of love you can have for such a tiny little person. I love watching her grow and learn and that is what preschool is for.

 Chris surprised Rylee at her little preschool get together with flowers and balloon and she was sooo excited to see him.  They sang a song and handed out their notebooks and it was all so sweet. 

The teaches keep a notebook for all the kids chronically all their improvements throughout the year.  Self portraits and answers to questions . . . What is your favorite thing about preschool "playing with Mackenzie and Ashlyn" How long will it take mommy to cook the Thanksgiving turkey "15 'too big' minutes"  What is your favorite thing to do with mommy "Play"  Tell me what you think about your daddy "he has a little bit of brown hair and he eats lunch at work, he likes apples, bananas and yogurt and he always goes to work"  How many pancakes can you eat "4"

One proud daddy and one proud momma!!

Mackenzie Rylee and Ahslyn

We really are so proud of Rylee.  She was so happy to go to school everyday (except when the kid barfed at snack time) she loved going to lunch bunch even when not one kid in her class went.  She made all sorts of new friends and is really excited to go back next year in the 4 year old class.  Ms. Crawford said she was one of the leaders in the class, I hope she was a leader and not the BOSS!!

One year down 14 to go. . .maybe I will get all my tears out before she goes to Kindergarten!!

We love our crazy kiddos!!

Happy June Celebrations

With birthdays and Father's day, June tends to be a busy month for us, so Nonnie and Papa always invite us down to the beach house for a birthday gala get together. Rylee is getting better with dogs and Sam is doing much better at not jumping all over her when she walks through the door. Brady loves Sam and he got lots of wet doggie kisses.

Spaghetti was on the menu and that works out pretty good for my kiddos, can't go wrong with a little buttered pasta! Brady is still getting into everything everywhere he goes, he tried to have a tea party with all Nonnie's little nick knacks, it could have gone wrong real fast. Rylee loves playing hide and seek with Papa. Before I knew it Rylee, Brady and Papa were all hiding under the kitchen table, at that point I don't know who was doing the finding.

I think Papa was intrigued at how still the kids get when I hand them my iPhone and turn on a movie. The both sat in the chair and watched while all the adults finished dinner.
Chris wanted to go to an Angel game for his 35th birthday this year so we took Clint and Carol and made the hike up to Orange County and had some fun before making it to the game.

We headed to Riverside for some pool time for Chris. Both kids love the water and Brady is showing some Rylee fearlessness and it is frightening. He will jump in the pool with out a care in the world (Swim lessons start Monday!!) Rylee is good with her floaties but Brady has to be held yet he wants no part of being restrained!

Why are my kids afraid of nothing??

You! Don't talk to me I'm eating!!

Bryn and Willow are now inseparable and so now are Rylee and Willow are inseparable. Both warming up on the concrete.

  After the pool festivities were over I had my cousin Erin come over so we could go to dinner and have a relaxing night sans kids. That is nice every once and a while. We came back for birthday cake and Happy Birthday singing!

Rylee was beat and found the most comfy spot was on Aunt B's back!
Happy 35 Chris . . . it is safe to say you are in your mid thirties acting like you are in your early twenties!!!
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First 5 are the easiest!

Five years later . . . still happy still in love!!
 We decided that every five years we would try to go somewhere fun, mini vacay style. This being our fifth year we talked about where we wanted to go and I have been dying to go to Napa and go wine tasting.   Then . . . my friend Heather invited us to Cabo and faster than the words came out of her mouth Chris booked it . . . bye bye Napa hello Cabo!!

We always go to Mastro's Ocean Club for our anniversary and this year was no exception.  The seafood tower is our ultimate FAVORITE . . . lobster, shrimp, Alaskan King crab, Dungeness crab, oysters, it is just amazing!!
 Happy five years love wouldn't want to do this life  with anyone else!!!