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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy June Celebrations

With birthdays and Father's day, June tends to be a busy month for us, so Nonnie and Papa always invite us down to the beach house for a birthday gala get together. Rylee is getting better with dogs and Sam is doing much better at not jumping all over her when she walks through the door. Brady loves Sam and he got lots of wet doggie kisses.

Spaghetti was on the menu and that works out pretty good for my kiddos, can't go wrong with a little buttered pasta! Brady is still getting into everything everywhere he goes, he tried to have a tea party with all Nonnie's little nick knacks, it could have gone wrong real fast. Rylee loves playing hide and seek with Papa. Before I knew it Rylee, Brady and Papa were all hiding under the kitchen table, at that point I don't know who was doing the finding.

I think Papa was intrigued at how still the kids get when I hand them my iPhone and turn on a movie. The both sat in the chair and watched while all the adults finished dinner.
Chris wanted to go to an Angel game for his 35th birthday this year so we took Clint and Carol and made the hike up to Orange County and had some fun before making it to the game.

We headed to Riverside for some pool time for Chris. Both kids love the water and Brady is showing some Rylee fearlessness and it is frightening. He will jump in the pool with out a care in the world (Swim lessons start Monday!!) Rylee is good with her floaties but Brady has to be held yet he wants no part of being restrained!

Why are my kids afraid of nothing??

You! Don't talk to me I'm eating!!

Bryn and Willow are now inseparable and so now are Rylee and Willow are inseparable. Both warming up on the concrete.

  After the pool festivities were over I had my cousin Erin come over so we could go to dinner and have a relaxing night sans kids. That is nice every once and a while. We came back for birthday cake and Happy Birthday singing!

Rylee was beat and found the most comfy spot was on Aunt B's back!
Happy 35 Chris . . . it is safe to say you are in your mid thirties acting like you are in your early twenties!!!
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