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Thursday, June 7, 2012

End of Preschool

It can't really go this fast can it?? 
I sure hope not, I feel like if I blink it might be high school graduation and I am NOT ready for that. I was so surprised at how emotional I was.  I always thought those parents that cry when they drop their kids off for their first day of Kindergarten were crazy but now I have a feeling I am going to be one of those crazy parents!!  Just handing her teachers her thank you cards I started to tear up, then picking her up I had tears rolling down my cheeks, really who am I???  Even Rylee said it's OK Mama don't be sad, be happy like ME!! Not sad just amazed the amount of love you can have for such a tiny little person. I love watching her grow and learn and that is what preschool is for.

 Chris surprised Rylee at her little preschool get together with flowers and balloon and she was sooo excited to see him.  They sang a song and handed out their notebooks and it was all so sweet. 

The teaches keep a notebook for all the kids chronically all their improvements throughout the year.  Self portraits and answers to questions . . . What is your favorite thing about preschool "playing with Mackenzie and Ashlyn" How long will it take mommy to cook the Thanksgiving turkey "15 'too big' minutes"  What is your favorite thing to do with mommy "Play"  Tell me what you think about your daddy "he has a little bit of brown hair and he eats lunch at work, he likes apples, bananas and yogurt and he always goes to work"  How many pancakes can you eat "4"

One proud daddy and one proud momma!!

Mackenzie Rylee and Ahslyn

We really are so proud of Rylee.  She was so happy to go to school everyday (except when the kid barfed at snack time) she loved going to lunch bunch even when not one kid in her class went.  She made all sorts of new friends and is really excited to go back next year in the 4 year old class.  Ms. Crawford said she was one of the leaders in the class, I hope she was a leader and not the BOSS!!

One year down 14 to go. . .maybe I will get all my tears out before she goes to Kindergarten!!

We love our crazy kiddos!!

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