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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jj's Weekend!!

What a weekend for JJ!!  He pretty much had me and the kids for an entire weekend, lucky him!!It also happens that his birthday and Father's day are only a day apart.  There was a lot of togetherness!!! We got to go to  dinner, make snacks (ants on a log), play in the dirt up on the wedding site, pick and make Ollaberry tarts, and go to the movies!! It was a fun packed weekend. 
Rylee and JJ went and picked Ollaberries for the pie.  Rylee was in charge of holding the bowl for the berries, when Jj looked down at the bowl he thought it might be full but Rylee was using the 2 for me 1 for you method . . . AKA not enough berries for a pie but just enough for a tart!!!  She really does love berries of all sorts.

Going to the movies was quite a treat.  Jj got to experience Brady's first movie ever and boy was it exciting.  We had popcorn, candy, water, and the lovie, we were ready.  To bad there was 20 minutes worth of previews before the kids movie. . . crazy movie makers.  He would have lasted longer had he seen 20 minutes of the movie versus the previews.  He made it through the whole movie, some standing some sitting in his chair and some sitting on my lap, but no matter where he was he made it and I didn't have to walk him around the plaza!!!
We got to spend some time over at Nonnie and Papa's house. They love running around the yard chasing the dog, looking to see what they have in the fridge and riding up and down the elevator!  Hanging out with them is always entertaining when Sam the dog comes out to play.  Rylee runs away from Sam screaming like the dog is going to kill her and Brady can't run fast enough to catch the dog and usually ends up being licked or only getting his fingertips to brush the sprinting dog. 
JJ and Papa with their grand/great grand kiddos!!
We had a really fun time with JJ on his father's/birthday.  Jj is a busy man and when we get the opportunity to spend some quality time and have him all to ourselves we jump at the chance.  The kids love that he lets them jump all over him, get dirty in the dirt, pick berries and spill down the front of their dress and not care and generally just do whatever they want.  Grandparents always have the "let them do whatever they want, they are at my house" attitude and I think grandfathers take it to the next level and that is why they have so much fun with my dad.  He makes everything FUN!!!   Both of the kids love him so much and so do I. . . . Happy birthday and Happy Father's day Dad!!

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