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Monday, June 18, 2012

Rylee's First Competition

About 2 years ago Chris and I went to Hawaii and Rylee stayed with my parents. During her stay my family taught her how to hula hoop.  It has been her claim to fame (and my mom and sister's too, that they taught her)  She is damn good.  It is so crazy to see a little 2 year old (at the time) whip around this big 'ole hula hoop. They would start by counting and eventually they were counting up to 100!!  She was so determined that it only took her 24 hours to master it.  My moms favorite line is "whip it whip it!!"
SOooooo when we got the end of the year preschool flyer and it said "hula hoop contest" we/she was ALL IN!!!  She was so excited and practiced and practiced wanting to know if when she won would she be getting a medal.  I told her that she may not win and needs to be a gracious looser should it come to that, by saying congratulations. She then informed me that she would win because her Daddy said she was the best!!! Oh good lord, her confidence is astounding!!
When it came time for the contest she was ready.  There was a first round dividing the kids into grade levels.  She won her level and moved on to the finals. Everyone was cheering her on.  It was really funny to see this little thing out there whipping around the hula hoop.   When it came down to it, it ended up being her (the youngest) and another girl (the oldest)!  I'm not sure if either girl was going to give in and they awarded them both the WINNER!!!  She did in fact win a "medal" and was so proud of herself. 
What a crazy kid we have on our hands.  She is already one competitive girl and I can't wait to see what else she can accomplish with her drive.  Congrats Rylee on your first of hopefully many wins, we will always be your biggest supporter!!!

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