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Monday, July 9, 2012

Cousin Weekend! (AKA "this could be bad" -Rylee)

Guest blog time! This past weekend was officially the first annual, Tav-Schem-Hlinka-Gould-Cousin-Aunt-Mimi-Grandpa Weekend. Wow. That's a lot. Basically, it was the first time Whitney put me sort of in charge of her kids with the help of Bryn, Auntie Allison, and Mimi. Boy, were we all in for a treat. 

It started off with Disneyland (see next blog for all the D-Land excitement), and things were rolling quite nicely, HOWEVER, for some reason that none of us can figure out, Rylee kept saying, "This could be bad" and "This is gonna be bad" and all varieties of this phrase. We kept assuring her that no, things would in fact not be bad, but I think she was secretly looking forward to when we got home and Brady took one look at us in our matching Tink shirts and screamed bloody murder. Uh oh, this is gonna be bad.

Cousin weekend consisted of the following things: walks on the beach, donuts, Mcdonalds, Build-a-Bear, Toy Story, Cars, Toy Story, Toy Story, and some more Toy Story, and lots of rejection from the B Man. Needless to say, it was memorable. The second day of cousin weekend was spent on the beach. We woke up to clouds, rallied, put our suits on, and spent a slightly cold but sunny day on the beach. Rylee and I jumped over a million waves and Bryn dug an award worthy hole. Brady had his own agenda since he doesn't really like me or Bryn and he decided to flatten every sand castle he saw on the beach. It was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed, him sprinting over to any mound he could find, winding up, and stomping everything. It was even better when I had to start chasing him and for the first time (hallelujah) we were having lots of fun and I decided he really liked me only because he was running AWAY from me. I'll take what I can get. I decided to snap pictures of him while I was chasing him and he was cracking up so Whitney would think he loved me and that I was the best babysitter she's ever had. I think it worked. 
After the beach day was over and Rylee passed out on her towel (she swore she was "taking a rest" and refused to admit she napped on the beach), we headed back up for bath time. In the words of Rylee, "This is gonna be bad."  The poor Brady Man is probably going to have nightmares about this bath for at least a year. He loved the bubbles, the red cup, the water, and the splashing UNTIL I failed to force him to tilt his head back (I don't have a child, I don't like to force there heads in weird positions, and basically I think yaya or Aunt B should have fired me immediately) and water went everywhere. Bryn then screamed, "Hurry keep pouring, keep pouring!" Rylee screamed, "Oh man this is bad!!!!" And I practically cried, "Oh my God! I'm giving him Chinese Water Torture!!!" We had a good laugh but poor Brady was wet (but clean) and wanted out immediately. Yaya to the rescue!
I think that was the end of my relationship with Brady because every time he saw me, he must have been having visions of my basically dousing him in water. This picture pretty much sums up how he felt about me the rest of our time together. Sorry B Man! I'm working on my bath time skills for next year's cousin weekend! 

Amidst all of the bath time chaos, we managed to have the most fun I have ever had with two people below the age of 5. Brady is such a lover (maybe not to me but he is so dang cute you can't care that he doesn't want to sit by you) and those blue eyes and his giggle are firmly stuck in my memory forever. Rylee and I decided that we were best friends and I have to admit, it was really fun to have someone look up to me like I have looked up to Whitney and Bryn my whole life. I have seen life through her eyes and I know for a fact there is no better feeling than being able to go places with your big cousin, have them do your hair (yes Whitney, I did her hair just like you used to do mine and I even used hairspray!), and just hang out on the beach and act like you're one of the big girls. We read books together and told stories and I don't think I've ever been as excited as I was when she crawled in my bed in the morning and asked if we could read a book. 

Miss Rylee is the cutest, sweetest little girl and she has star power for days (ask me for the videos of her singing "Call me maybe" and "Good Girl"). We sang and danced and I was having flashbacks of standing on the patio when I was little and singing "Take back your mink" from Guys and Dolls and reciting every line from every song of "Bye Bye Birdie" after I saw Whitney in the school play. She's a girl after my own heart and I lover her to pieces. She opened "Rylee's Flip Flop Store" with all of mine and Bryn's shoes that she hoarded out of our room when we weren't looking and she did not miss a beat when she saw me wearing my sandals and said, "Courtney. Please ask me before you take shoes from my shoe store." This girl is so smart. She caught me stealing my own shoes that she stole from me and somehow I felt guilty. She's really really good. 

Finally, cousin weekend ended with a super fun day at Build-a-Bear. Rylee must have said a million times, "I've never been here before!!!" and when we left, she proudly walked out and screamed "Now I've been here!!!" She made a bunny that was all sorts of pastel colors and dressed her in a bright red outfit. She debated and debated and we tried on several outfits and it was so fun to see her make all of these decisions so her bunny was just right. I love her innocence and how seriously she takes these things. It was so cute. 

Cousin weekend was a success. Even though the B Man and I got off to a rough start, I have promised to woo him when he comes to Northern California this weekend for my brother's wedding. I have movies, bananas, donuts, and all the things he liked when he was near me, ready to go for his visit and I am ready to do whatever it takes to win his heart! He's already won mine so he doesn't have much to lose :) I love how he does his own thing and really doesn't need much to be happy other than his lovie and a toon. He even got into the blue car for a ride while no one was looking and decided he'd go by himself. Unfortunately, he was crooked and stuck on the wall and needed assistance after all! 

Whitney and Chris have done such a great job with these kiddos and it is so apparent when you're with them that they are the most loved babies in town. I am so lucky that I got to spend a weekend with them like I used to with my big cousins and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. There is no place I'd rather be than at the beach house, singing, dancing, reading, watching movies, and just being with my cousins. I hope they had as much fun as I did (if you ask Brady I'm sure he would say "Thank God she's gone!) and I hope they remember this fun time in their lives like I remember my time growing up at the beach.

I love you both very much! 

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