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Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Brady Man

The big man finally turned 2!!!
 He had a 2nd annual splash park birthday party (this time there were no rattle snakes and no fire fighters . . . Wahoo!!) My good friend Trish took his little 2 year old pictures and it was not easy.  Brady isn't so good looking and smiling at the camera.  But I think we got some distinct Brady shots.
This is how his birthday party started out . . . asleep in the stroller as all his friends showed up ready to party.  Brady is all together on his own schedule and will fall asleep anywhere anytime.

My little party animal!!
Sweeney, Brooks had fun at the party and little Luke came 5 days late to the party!!

Rylee had her little friends there too.  They loved getting wet and standing under all the waterfalls!!
Thank God my mom lives close enough to come down and help me with all my projects.  She is such a great help and I couldn't do it with out her.

When everyone started singing I think he finally felt like the center of attention.  Love the little smirk!!

One day I will get a picture of everyone looking in the same direction and smiling.

I decided to have his birthday party at the splash park again because he loves it there.  On this particular day he couldn't get far enough away from the water.  All he wanted to do was swing, once again thanks to Yaya who stood over at the swings and pushed him to his hearts content!!
On his real birthday we were at the beach of course.  Yaya and Jj got him a bat and a tee and we tried to play with it on the beach but he only wanted to run across the boardwalk . . . he'll get there!! 
He spent his birthday on the beach, one of his favorite places to be.  Most likely because he can do whatever he wants and never gets told NO!!  A hole and bucket and he is one happy birthday boy . . . . that is until  . . . .. 
fell asleep right in the middle of his hole, I guess when you are the birthday boy you can do that!!
Happy Birthday Brady Man we love you so much and can't get enough!!!
I promise to give you a proper 3rd birthday no more splash park, no more 2nd child gets the shaft syndrome!!! Bring on the terrible two's!!!

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