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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eye Opener

It's always interesting seeing things through my kiddos eyes but this time it was a real eye opener. My crazy car had issues again and I have been driving a rental mini van. When we got in Rylee asked me where all the songs were and why there was so much talking (it was a commercial). I then realized Rylee and Brady live in a world void of commercials. In the Escalade we have XM radio therefore no commercials. When they watch cartoons the channels they watch have no commercials too; and when they watch a movie that has been dvr'd Brady will say uh oh and bring me the remote when the commercials come on. It's kinda of a crazy thought they they will always know that radio has no commercials and you can just ff through the ones on tv. She was also really concerned that when I was backing up that I would crash into something (although highly possible) because there was no camera for me to see what was behind me. I told her that before the Escalade cars didn't have cameras and I did just fine, she then asked me if there was a lot of accidents!!!  Although she likes our car she asked if we could keep the mini van for its oh so exciting feature of automatic opening doors!!!
Advancements in fruit were also interesting eye opener for Rylee this week.  We went over to Sweeney's house and she had a home grown watermelon. Sweeney asked her if she wanted a bite, she took one look and reluctantly said no thank you, she loves watermelon so this was a surprise.  When we left I asked her why she didn't want any watermelon and she said it looked gross with all those black thingy's in it. Just then I realized she has never seen a watermelon with black seeds because you can only buy seedless watermelons!!
Just some crazy thoughts that came up over the last week … what next … I guess she will always know that Michael Jackson is dead just like I think Elvis is always dead.   It is interesting to see what our kids will grow up thinking is "normal"
Until next times revelation …

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a Birthday!!

Happy 1st annual 30th birthday to me!! 
 It started out fabulous!  My parents had the kids, I got to sleep in, Chris left me roses on my car . . . . 
 . . . . my wonderful best friend Stephanie took me to breakfast at Mimi's equipped with balloons and a super cute gifty . . .

 . . . .went to a bridal shower for Gwen at Pehoe's on Coronado and got to catch up with Martha . . . .

 . . . . checked into the Hyatt downtown where my birthday balloons earned me an upgrade (thanks for the tip Steph) . . .
 . . . . and then this happened . . . .
 . . . .  which led to this . . .
  . . .  and this . . .
 . . . and then ending up on some guys yacht wearing a captain's hat . . .
 . . . one birthday I almost didn't remember . . .
Happy 1st annual 30th birthday to me!!! 
(If you want to know the whole story call me  . . . it a doozy)

1st Annual Cabo with Friends Trip

Cabo San Lucas . . . first thought  . . . Mexico??  Little scary right now . . . . Heather says we have a butler and its right on the water . . . second thought . . . . When do we leave?!?!
 We packed up our stuff left the kids in Newport the grandparents and we were OUT!!
Flight was decent considering I hate to fly, weather was beyond phenomenal and this was the view from our room.  I think I'm hooked.  Heather did a great job planning out our whole vacation.  You never know how it's going to be traveling with people you have never traveled with before, but I think it's safe to say I could go back to Cabo with Heather and El Jefe anytime they wanted (except October)!!
Heather found us this wonderful place at Capella. Half the place is a hotel and the other half is residence owned.  We stayed on the residence owned side and it turned out to be better than the hotel side.  We had our own pool and the infinity pool over looking the beach.  Whatever you liking it was there.
Our butler Oscar was AMAZING!  Everyday he made breakfast, lunch, any kind of salsa, any kind of margarita, picked up after us and was the sweetest guy ever.  El Jefe picked his brain about about every kind of salsa and chile.  With whatever fruit we didn't eat he would make this killer smoothie after breakfast.  He was a little hard to get used to but by the second day Heather and I were quite comfortable with him.  Everything Oscar set in front of us was wonderful.  I don't think he ever made a bad meal.
The resort was so awesome there was really no need to go out and we had already bought our groceries and alcohol for the week so we pretty much stayed put.  Except for the first night we went out and went BIG . . . Maybe a little to BIG (Heather!!)

Cabo Wabo was among one of our many stops in downtown Cabo!
 Heather showed us her skills at the Giggling Marlin by being strung up by her ankles while in a dress . . . there were many an onlooker!!
For most of the vacay we layed by the pool, drank, ate and napped.  It really couldn't have been better.  One night we made reservations at our hotel restaurant.  It is right on on cliff at the edge of the resort. The food was great and so was the ambiance until. . . . this crazy big wave hit the rocks and came spraying up almost landing on Chris and Heather.  It was quite exciting!! 
 Toasting to 5 long happy years . . . Congrats to us!!
 Chis and El Jefe decided they were going to suck it up and go fishing.  The boat they were about to embark on was named "Sushi Time" this after a couple buckets of beer is when they decided to brand themselves  . . . Sushi & Time!!!  The day of fishing came and they were out the door at like 6am and not to return until lunch time.  Heather and I thought we had all day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted until at around 9 we see the boys rollin' back.  Chris couldn't do it.  Barf everywhere over the side of the boat so bad that they had to turn around and come back after El Jefe caught two fish in half an hour!! Thank God this happened and I will never have to listen to Chris beg me to go fishing ever again!!  Thanks El Jefe for taking one for the team!
 We went to the Office one day, met up with Rory and Nancy. 
After partying on the beach with Rory and Nancy we headed back to the resort for more drinks and dinner.  Called up Oscar had him hook us up with some meat to be BBQ'd later and that's when it all went down hill.  Out came the blender, liars dice and the ever exciting hand stand contest . . . Pretty sure I won!!

We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back.  Everything was just perfect!
Happy 5 perfectly, happy, romantic, crazy years!!!