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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brady Preschool

Brady is also doing a little preschool this year . . .  well kind of!!  We are going a mommy and me class at RBCPC and he is doing 3 day's a week speech program at our house.  So on his first day of mommy and me preschool we did a first day of school photoshoot.  He looked really cute in his blue shirt and he wanted to stand in our picture spot and actually say CHEEEESEE!!  It was great until I realized he had gotten somthing on his shirt. . .  scrap the shirt change into and new shirt and keep taking pictures.  He did really good at school.  I was pretty sure he wasn't going to listen, wasn't going to sit for snack or sit for story time but he proved me wrong and did all of the above except sit for story time, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. 
Brady's personality is really starting to come out and so are the words.  We have finally secured MAMA and I couldn't be happier.  When he wakes up he calls for me and it is the cutest sound I've ever heard.  I have a photo book with all our family memebers in it and he can name, Mama, Da, Iylee, JJ, Yaya, Nini, and Bumpa out of a picture of all of us and it's adorable.  We are getting to two word phrases. . .  hide Shhh. . . . toon please . . . Nigh night . . . this is a huge step for us but we are moving forward little by little. . . . boys I swear they work you for all you're worth.  He still loves his lovie and is only sucking his thumb at nap time and bed time or whenever he has the lovie.  Elmo is a huge character in our house and Mickey is a close second.  I am trying to get Rylee and Brady to hold hands in hopes that they will hold hands at Aunt B's wedding, Brady is willing but not for long, I might have to hold the lovie with my boquet so he makes it down the asile!!
Wish us luck!!!

Team Rainbow

We/I decided to take a break from dance and try soccer this year.  Rylee has been asking so I obliged!  The first thing she asked when I told her I signed her up was "am I going to win a trophy??" Good Lord
We got her all the appropriate equipment including . . . outfit, ball, cleats, shin guards, and socks.  Off the to first practice and it was hilarious.  My mom was staying with us and we were literally doubled over laughing, it was swarm soccer at its finest!!  They picked the team name Rainbow and Rylee is still holding a grudge because she wanted the Firecrackers and it didn't get picked.  This team thing is all new to her.  She is #7 and she asked us to yell "Go Firecracker #7"

Chris was quite the soccer star in his day, he even made the paper . . .

The day had finally come for the first soccer game for Team Rainbow! 

We packed up our chairs, snacks and waters and headed out to soccer heaven.

She looked so cute in her little get up, I was actually surprised she didn't complain once about being hot,or the shin guards, cleats or a number of other things that would have bothered her on a normal day.  Not to mention that she had 4 blisters on her feet from trying to wear her first day of school shoes twice to school, she is learning early that beauty is pain!!!

She ended up doing really well, she scored a goal and learned a lot of sportsman ship!  She would get visibly mad when one of her teammates would score instead of her.  By the end she was high fiving her friends that scored . . . a lesson learned!!

She scored in her first game and got a high five from coach Scott!!

Get 'em Rylee

Yaya her biggest fan wasn't going to miss her 1st game!

The fan club was out in full effect!!

Goooo Team Rainbow!!!!!!!!!

We love coach Scott he is great!!

Brady is the little team mascot he goes and runs around on the field that is not being used, it works out quite perfectly!! 
Check out our website for the video from the games it is sooooooo cute!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last first Day of Preschool . . . .

 . . . tear  . . . tear . . . . So apparently, thanks to Pinterest and chalkboard spray paint, these chalkboard frames are all the rage . . . that being said I had to make one!! 

On her way to her last first day of preschool, next year we will be in full blown school . . . ahhhhhhh . . . I can't believe it. I am going to take this year and just breathe because this year is already crazy, I can't imagine being any busier than I already am!!  Rylee was so excited to go back to school.  We went back to school shopping, got her a new bucket (thanks to Stephanie), chalked up her sign and we were good to go. 

Brady and his new "cheese" face cracks me up!
Rylee rarely has any hesitation about being thrown into a new situation.  She didn't know one friend in her new class and was still ready to run into her class not look back.  I have no doubt that she will be telling me about all the new friends she has made by the first week!

Chris and I dropped her off on her first day and her only questions was if they were having snack and if we were going to leave.  When we went to meet the teacher she was bummed that they were not having snack and that I was going to stay with her . . .  little miss independent!!

She was VERY happy to have her best friend Mackenzie there to play on the playground with, even though they were not in the same class.

I swear they are like book ends Rylee and Chris!!
I'm sure it will be a great year, Rylee's teachers are great and they are all about getting the kids ready to enter Kindergarten.

The Summer is Over

Labor Day marks the unofficial last day of summer and it is always a bitter sweet day.  Thankfully this year the weather was beautiful.  Brady woke up and decided that today was going to be the day he found the water.  Walked down to the rocks and he started splashing around, like the water just showed up that day!!  From then on he loved jumping the waves and running in and out of it!!

Finally a really cute picture of Rylee and Jace.  They had fun all summer playing at the beach.  We didn't get down as much as we thought but all the times we were there it was great weather.

We brought Rylee's two wheel bike down for her to try it out on the board walk.  We headed off down to Nonnie a whole 16 blocks and she made it the whole way.  Didn't have to stop for a break, didn't crash into anyone and did it without complaining.  Good Job Rylee.  Brady is the happiest little bike rider, he is so content back there honking his horn and watching all the people go by.

Finally a decent picture of all 4 beach kiddos all looking in the same direction and even smiling . . . it only took two summers to accomplish!!
This summer Chris learned that the smaller deeper hole was the way to go.  Long gone are the big, shallow holes!  You live and learn!!!

Brady loved splashing in the waves with Chris and would cry when we tried to take him back up on the beach

Brady pulled the boogie board around the whole beach and then had a turn riding it . . .

Brady has finally mastered the art of CHHEEEEESSSSEEEEE!!

We brought out the Frisbee and the paddle ball for everyone to play with and
Chris and JJ played Frisbee almost taking out several people on the beach and nailing a small child.

We had a great summer with wonderful weather.  Next year I hope we can get down  a little more often, the kids are so good at the beach and need almost no adult help (once the hole has been dug).  They play in and out of the water, eat their lunch on the beach, head in to take a nap and get ready to do it all over again the next day. . .  what a life!!!

OC Fair

The fair this year was really hot but lots of fun!  Last year Rylee loved every ride and was so excited to go on bigger rides this year.  When we got there, they had increased the height requirements and she was demoted  to riding with someone instead of by herself like last year :(  Brady could only go on the carousel, but he did like it!!

She loves the giant slide because it is always a race and she always wins!

The ponies this year were a little boring for Rylee and Brady wanted no part of riding on the pony!

I was the only one who got the giant turkey leg, I couldn't believe it!

Family photo time

Everyone was a loooooosssssseeeeerrrrr at the water cannon game. SAD :(
 Next year a little cooler a little taller and a little more fun . . . yea for the fair!!