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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brady Preschool

Brady is also doing a little preschool this year . . .  well kind of!!  We are going a mommy and me class at RBCPC and he is doing 3 day's a week speech program at our house.  So on his first day of mommy and me preschool we did a first day of school photoshoot.  He looked really cute in his blue shirt and he wanted to stand in our picture spot and actually say CHEEEESEE!!  It was great until I realized he had gotten somthing on his shirt. . .  scrap the shirt change into and new shirt and keep taking pictures.  He did really good at school.  I was pretty sure he wasn't going to listen, wasn't going to sit for snack or sit for story time but he proved me wrong and did all of the above except sit for story time, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. 
Brady's personality is really starting to come out and so are the words.  We have finally secured MAMA and I couldn't be happier.  When he wakes up he calls for me and it is the cutest sound I've ever heard.  I have a photo book with all our family memebers in it and he can name, Mama, Da, Iylee, JJ, Yaya, Nini, and Bumpa out of a picture of all of us and it's adorable.  We are getting to two word phrases. . .  hide Shhh. . . . toon please . . . Nigh night . . . this is a huge step for us but we are moving forward little by little. . . . boys I swear they work you for all you're worth.  He still loves his lovie and is only sucking his thumb at nap time and bed time or whenever he has the lovie.  Elmo is a huge character in our house and Mickey is a close second.  I am trying to get Rylee and Brady to hold hands in hopes that they will hold hands at Aunt B's wedding, Brady is willing but not for long, I might have to hold the lovie with my boquet so he makes it down the asile!!
Wish us luck!!!

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