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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last first Day of Preschool . . . .

 . . . tear  . . . tear . . . . So apparently, thanks to Pinterest and chalkboard spray paint, these chalkboard frames are all the rage . . . that being said I had to make one!! 

On her way to her last first day of preschool, next year we will be in full blown school . . . ahhhhhhh . . . I can't believe it. I am going to take this year and just breathe because this year is already crazy, I can't imagine being any busier than I already am!!  Rylee was so excited to go back to school.  We went back to school shopping, got her a new bucket (thanks to Stephanie), chalked up her sign and we were good to go. 

Brady and his new "cheese" face cracks me up!
Rylee rarely has any hesitation about being thrown into a new situation.  She didn't know one friend in her new class and was still ready to run into her class not look back.  I have no doubt that she will be telling me about all the new friends she has made by the first week!

Chris and I dropped her off on her first day and her only questions was if they were having snack and if we were going to leave.  When we went to meet the teacher she was bummed that they were not having snack and that I was going to stay with her . . .  little miss independent!!

She was VERY happy to have her best friend Mackenzie there to play on the playground with, even though they were not in the same class.

I swear they are like book ends Rylee and Chris!!
I'm sure it will be a great year, Rylee's teachers are great and they are all about getting the kids ready to enter Kindergarten.

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