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Saturday, September 8, 2012

OC Fair

The fair this year was really hot but lots of fun!  Last year Rylee loved every ride and was so excited to go on bigger rides this year.  When we got there, they had increased the height requirements and she was demoted  to riding with someone instead of by herself like last year :(  Brady could only go on the carousel, but he did like it!!

She loves the giant slide because it is always a race and she always wins!

The ponies this year were a little boring for Rylee and Brady wanted no part of riding on the pony!

I was the only one who got the giant turkey leg, I couldn't believe it!

Family photo time

Everyone was a loooooosssssseeeeerrrrr at the water cannon game. SAD :(
 Next year a little cooler a little taller and a little more fun . . . yea for the fair!!

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