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Monday, September 24, 2012

Team Rainbow

We/I decided to take a break from dance and try soccer this year.  Rylee has been asking so I obliged!  The first thing she asked when I told her I signed her up was "am I going to win a trophy??" Good Lord
We got her all the appropriate equipment including . . . outfit, ball, cleats, shin guards, and socks.  Off the to first practice and it was hilarious.  My mom was staying with us and we were literally doubled over laughing, it was swarm soccer at its finest!!  They picked the team name Rainbow and Rylee is still holding a grudge because she wanted the Firecrackers and it didn't get picked.  This team thing is all new to her.  She is #7 and she asked us to yell "Go Firecracker #7"

Chris was quite the soccer star in his day, he even made the paper . . .

The day had finally come for the first soccer game for Team Rainbow! 

We packed up our chairs, snacks and waters and headed out to soccer heaven.

She looked so cute in her little get up, I was actually surprised she didn't complain once about being hot,or the shin guards, cleats or a number of other things that would have bothered her on a normal day.  Not to mention that she had 4 blisters on her feet from trying to wear her first day of school shoes twice to school, she is learning early that beauty is pain!!!

She ended up doing really well, she scored a goal and learned a lot of sportsman ship!  She would get visibly mad when one of her teammates would score instead of her.  By the end she was high fiving her friends that scored . . . a lesson learned!!

She scored in her first game and got a high five from coach Scott!!

Get 'em Rylee

Yaya her biggest fan wasn't going to miss her 1st game!

The fan club was out in full effect!!

Goooo Team Rainbow!!!!!!!!!

We love coach Scott he is great!!

Brady is the little team mascot he goes and runs around on the field that is not being used, it works out quite perfectly!! 
Check out our website for the video from the games it is sooooooo cute!!!

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