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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Summer is Over

Labor Day marks the unofficial last day of summer and it is always a bitter sweet day.  Thankfully this year the weather was beautiful.  Brady woke up and decided that today was going to be the day he found the water.  Walked down to the rocks and he started splashing around, like the water just showed up that day!!  From then on he loved jumping the waves and running in and out of it!!

Finally a really cute picture of Rylee and Jace.  They had fun all summer playing at the beach.  We didn't get down as much as we thought but all the times we were there it was great weather.

We brought Rylee's two wheel bike down for her to try it out on the board walk.  We headed off down to Nonnie a whole 16 blocks and she made it the whole way.  Didn't have to stop for a break, didn't crash into anyone and did it without complaining.  Good Job Rylee.  Brady is the happiest little bike rider, he is so content back there honking his horn and watching all the people go by.

Finally a decent picture of all 4 beach kiddos all looking in the same direction and even smiling . . . it only took two summers to accomplish!!
This summer Chris learned that the smaller deeper hole was the way to go.  Long gone are the big, shallow holes!  You live and learn!!!

Brady loved splashing in the waves with Chris and would cry when we tried to take him back up on the beach

Brady pulled the boogie board around the whole beach and then had a turn riding it . . .

Brady has finally mastered the art of CHHEEEEESSSSEEEEE!!

We brought out the Frisbee and the paddle ball for everyone to play with and
Chris and JJ played Frisbee almost taking out several people on the beach and nailing a small child.

We had a great summer with wonderful weather.  Next year I hope we can get down  a little more often, the kids are so good at the beach and need almost no adult help (once the hole has been dug).  They play in and out of the water, eat their lunch on the beach, head in to take a nap and get ready to do it all over again the next day. . .  what a life!!!

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