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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PART 2 . . . The Dress

So there are lots of important parts to a wedding but we all know that the "most" important is
THE DRESS!!! Bryn started out at Mon Amie Bridal in Newport and there were a million, I swear, a million dresses.  She brought Mom, Mimi and I along to experience the process. 

She had an idea in mind for her dream wedding dress. . . no sparkle, no embellishment and no lace . . . but she tried them all on anyway just to appease the masses (Mainly Me)

As each dress went on and we all knew it wasn't THE dress. They were all beautiful and Bryn looked fantastic in everyone! 

Each dress comes in a sample size and of course they had to be clamped together to get some kind of idea what they might look like in her teeny tiny size.

There were one's with ruffles (maybe for a flamenco wedding) . . .
                                                                                  One's with lace and satin bows . . . .
                                                                                  One's with rhinestones and bling . . . . .

 Courtney even came down so she could get in on the dress search festivities.  Bryn tried on dozens of dresses only to continuously rule out what she didn't want.

And then there it was . . . .

Sweetheart neckline, pockets, no embellishment or bling, no lace and no veil . . . She had found it THE DRESS she would wear on her wedding day . . .

 . . . and she looked more beautiful than I could ever imagine . . .  she was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen!!!

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