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Friday, November 16, 2012


The day before the wedding we did the rehearsal . . . even when the wedding is in the backyard you have to have a rehearsal. Everyone there was on their best behavior and the rehearsal ran quite smoothly. My mom and Dannette where at the helm so I would have expected nothing less!!

Bryn and Scott had our childhood friend Josh Solorio officiate their marriage. I think they made an amazing choice. . . he was wonderful, the perfect combination of professional, jovial, and intimate.

Rylee took her job very seriously!!

The matron, maids and flower girl! All ready to stand by Bryn on her big day.

Dad did a great job walking Bryn down the aisle considering he was in "the boot"

Bryn and Scott had a great wedding party, and I was more than honored that my kiddos and I got to be a part of it.

JJ and all his girls!!

Chris and his favorite "cousin in law" or is it the other
way around . . . Courtney and her favorite CIL!!!

Chris was pretty excited he got to be in the wedding and wear a tux by walking Yaya down the aisle!!

The rehearsal was a huge success 12 more hours and it was a done deal . . . can't wait!!!
The Hazen's treated us all to a wonderful dinner out at Dos Lagos. Sandy went to great lengths to make it a special night for everyone. Bryn and Scott had all their special people there and I think they were ready to get to the big event . . . .

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