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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sports Themed Halloween

Halloween this year was GREAT!!!!!  Both kids had a costume they wanted to wear, it wasn't binding, hot, cold, itchy, involve head gear or make them scream when they put it on . . . in my book that is a whooping success!!!

I was super excited when Rylee wanted to be a cheerleader this year. I was waiting and waiting for this Halloween costume and it finally came.  I decided I wanted to get her a good one so I ordered this off Etsy and it was perfect and she loved it.  I always like to have some kind of theme so that the kids look coordinated.  So what goes better with cheerleader than a football player!!

I couldn't find one I loved so I ordered him a custom NFL jersey.  When I was personalizing it I didn't tell Chris and at first thought I was going to get him a Green Bay Packer jersey, then thought that Chris might love him to have a Raider jersey.  Chris was so surprised when I showed it to him.  Although the first thing he thought was  . . . No not Jamaracus Russell!!!  I said no he is # 2 because he is 2!!!

They looked so cute in their coordinating costumes!!

We had a costume party to go do and Chris wanted to be something so badly but we had decided not to dress up this year so he went as the Corona delivery boy!!

Neighborhood kiddos, Jake, Dylan and Zoe

I love that the things I used to do as a child are coming around and now Rylee is doing them.  For a long time Bryn and I would go over to our friend Nancy's house and decorate Halloween cookies.  First it started off just cookies, then it evolved into delivering the cookies to family and friends, then eventually it was cookies, deliveries, pumpkin carving and dinner.  Then I turned 16 and wanted to drive and Nancy politely said NO!!!  When I went to college I told Nancy I would come back  . . . I didn't tell her it would be 12 years later and with my own little crazy!!

Rylee had a great time.  Nobody told her NO and she got to decorate as many cookies as she wanted!!

Thanks for all the fun Nancy!!

It's not Halloween without going to a pumpkin patch  . . . and boy did we go to the farthest one we could find!!!

We went with Brady's playgroup and it was so nice to have Rylee around.  She would keep track of all the little kids as they were running through the hay maze and help them along the way . . . let's see how long that lasts!!

Carving pumpkins is always less exciting than I expect. 
Although this year was a little better.  Brady wanted to get the seeds out and Rylee wanted to use every knife we had.  She cut the top of her pumpkin all by herself and she was very proud.

 Boy my kids are cute . . . ha!!

My parents came down for Halloween and they are such a big help!!  We had dinner, walked around with the neighbor kids and the Nelson family.  My dad loves to hand out the candy on the front porch and since he was in the boot we had him all set up outside in a rocking chair holding a bowl of candy so he wouldn't have to walk to the door a million times!!!
This year was Rylee first year in the Halloween parade at school and she was by far the cutest!!  (no bias here)

Sweeney, Kyle, Brooks and Luke came over to do trick or treating at our house this year.  We didn't even know it but all the kids were in for the sports theme!!
A Raider, a Charger, a cheerleader and even  . . .
Tick or treating  was a little harder than I thoght it would be this year.  Rylee wanted to run to every house with the big kids and Brady couldn't figure out why he got to knock on all the doors and never get to go inside?!?!? 
Next year can only be better.  Brady will be able to keep up with the big kids and he will finally understand all the Halloween means . . . CANDY!!!  But I don't think the costumes could get any cuter!!!

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